A young couple died after falling almost 200 metres when they reversed their off-road buggy over a ravine’s edge.

Toby and Milly Savill, both 25, had been enjoying an Easter holiday on the popular Greek island of Santorini, reports The Sun.

On the second day they hired the 800CC off-road buggy for a three-hour jaunt up Profitis Ilias — the highest mountain.

A worker at the rental agency in the town of Fira told The Sun it was “the most tragic accident”.

He added: “The driver tried to turn the buggy around in the middle of the road but miscalculated.

“He put the buggy in reverse, moved back thinking he had enough space, but by the time he realised his mistake the weight of the buggy was drawing him backwards and it fell into the ravine.

“There was no fence or wall on the edge of the cliff.”

The Savills, who married in August 2017, met through Durham University’s Christian Union. Milly was a teacher at St Anne’s Roman Catholic Primary School in Vauxhall, South London, and Toby taught history at the Evelyn Grace Academy in nearby Brixton.

Last night family and friends paid tribute to the pair.

Milly’s dad Simon Coulson, 58, who is vicar of St Mark’s Church in neighbouring Kennington, said: “I think she could have done anything.

“She was an outstanding teacher — the children absolutely loved her, the staff absolutely loved her.

“Probably everyone makes out their children were saints but these ones really were.”

Toby’s dad Ted Savill, 54, who is head of history at a prestigious independent school in Hertfordshire, said he was “saddened, but reassured” by the couple’s Christian faith.

He told The Sun there was “little to no information” from Greek cops about Sunday afternoon’s tragedy.

Toby’s pal Jordan Harrison wrote on Facebook: “He was quite simply the best person we ever knew. No other person made us cry with laughter as much as that boy.

“Together they were the epitome of joy and love.”

The Foreign Office said it was assisting the families.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished with permission.