A couple aboard a Jetstar flight has been sprung tugging their way into the mile high club.

Aussie TV presenter Darren McMullen caught a woman giving her male partner “hand relief”.

But clearly opting for comfort, the shameless duo skipped a trip to the plane’s cramped bathroom and instead decided to get busy in their seats.

McMullen shared the intimate moment with his 50,000 Instagram followers in a series of videos posted to his Instagram story.

Hiding behind the seats of the cheeky passengers, the former host of The Voice kicked off with the close-up of the woman relieving her partner, along with the caption “Jetstar is the best”.

He then gets a wider angle, where passengers appear blissfully unaware of the erotic scenes unfolding right near them. Even the person sitting next to them seems oblivious to their dalliances, and is seemingly too focused on getting the perfect snap of the horizon through the plane’s window. Points for subtlety.

With the man’s chair furiously rocking back and forth, McMullen then locks the camera on himself, where he appears to mouth, “what the f–k”.

But that’s not to say McMullen isn’t impressed with their efforts. In another video with the caption “credit where credit (sic.) due”, he goes to congratulate the male passenger, labelling the moment “legendary”.

“Hey man, I’ve got to say, that was legendary,” McMullen says, even shaking the smiling gent’s hand despite what’s just occurred.

“My new hero.”

After disembarking, McMullen unloaded: “I can’t believe I just shook that guy’s hand. That hand.

“I just got carried away. It’s not that often you see such a blatant disregard for airline laws.

“Didn’t give a f–k. Guy’s horny. Wanted to get his nut off.

“Go on my son. Go on.”

He concludes: “I need a bath”.

Jetstar said it was still looking into the details of the incident.

“We have a zero tolerance to inappropriate behavior and encourage passengers to report any incidents to our crew,” a spokesperson for the airline said.