It looks like a scene from a horror movie. And if you weren’t scared of scuba diving before, you might be after watching this video.

Shot while on a diving trip in Japan, footage shows the moment a diver from Mayak Gamov in Russia was grabbed by a giant octopus while exploring the Sea of Japan.

The giant animal swims up to the diver before latching onto his body for a few moments. Its giant tentacles grip around the diver’s body while trying to swim in a downwards motion towards the rocks below.

The footage, which was filmed on the Garrow Peninsula in Japan, appears to show the giant octopus getting ready to bite down on diver using its sharp beak, hidden where its mouth is.

After the diver managed to break away from the creature’s tentacles, the octopus then latches on to the man’s flipper before dropping down to the rocks below.

The octopus then changes colour to blend with the seabed, as it hides in the rocks following the attack.

Giant octopuses are usually shy around humans and live in chilly, coastal waters along California, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, Alaska, Russia, Japan and the Korean Peninsula.

These giant octopus grow bigger and live longer than any other octopus species. The size record is held by a specimen that was 9.1 metres across and weighed more than 272kg.

In May, a blogger from China thought it would be an ingenious idea to attempt to eat a live octopus.

At the start of the disturbing clip, she decides to let the octopus grip onto her face.

The woman was left in a sticky situation when the eight-limbed creature gripped tightly onto her skin and refused to let go.

The octopus stretches out its tentacles over the woman’s nose and eventually holds tight to the skin around her left eye and lips while fastened to her cheek.

In a particularly grotesque part of the video, the woman cries out in pain while trying to pull the creature away, but the skin around her eye and mouth is nearly pulled off in the process.

After the woman finally manages to get free, she yells, “I’ll eat it in the next video” before noticing the octopus has left her left cheek swollen and bleeding.

She then cries: “My face is disfigured.”