A young couple have been left red-faced after sending a photo to the woman’s father while on holiday.

Sharing the image to Twitter, the woman — by the name of Kelsey — uploaded what looked to be an average mirror selfie taken in a bedroom.

But the 22 year old’s eagle-eyed father noticed a certain bottle at the forefront of the image, which left her partner, Elliot, “mortified”.

“Dad said the pics r lovely, nice durex bottle,” Kelsey’s mum said in a text message.

“It’s elliot’s knee cream!” the young woman replied, but her parents weren’t fooled.

“Ell is mortified,” she later replied.

The photo and text message exchange has been retweeted over 43,000 times and liked by over 3500 people.

“Aw man you can’t come home from that holiday,” one person said of the mishap.

“This is something I would do,” another replied.

“I am mortified at the same time for them.”

News.com.au has contacted the woman for comment.

Earlier this month, a mum accidentally gave a tradie more than she bargained for when she sent him an X-rated photo.

Danie Cain, 31, took a cheeky photo after a naked sunbaking session — and while the X-rated photo was meant to go to her new love interest, she embarrassingly ended up hitting send to the wrong person.

The unsuspecting recipient was the man set to fit her new carpets. He received the bum-baring selfie along with a string of photos of Danie’s hallway carpet.

After realising her mistake, she sent a flurry of apologetic messages to the unsuspecting tradie who took the saucy blunder very well.

“Omg, omg, omg, I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to click that last pic,” she said, as soon as she realised her error.

She then explained she’d “burned” her bum while sunbaking and had taken a selfie to see how bad it was.