The famous “Golden Arches” won’t be setting up another shop in Rome, with Italy’s culture ministry banning a McDonald’s restaurant from being built near one of their famous landmarks.

A proposal for a new restaurant to be build next to the ancient Baths of Caracalla has been squashed, with the Minister believing it would be disrespectful to serve burgers so close to archaeological wonders.

“The wonders of Rome must be protected,” Mayor of Rome Virginia Raggi said on Twitter of the decision.

The baths date from the 3rd century and sit near the centre of the city, close to the Colosseum and other famous sites around Rome.

The chain had hoped to build a 800sq m restaurant and obtained a permit to do so. The area where the restaurant would have been built is near the baths, the Colosseum and other sites of historic significance.

McDonald’s operates 40 locations in the Italian capital, some near landmarks including the Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna — the Spanish Steps — and the Vatican, Reuters reported.

The country has 578 McDonald’s locations, according to Only Germany, France and the UK have more.