A British woman has slammed guards at the Acropolis of Athens as racist after she was “falsely accused of flashing her bits to children”.

Travel blogger Adebola Sowemimo, from London, classed the incident as “racism at its finest”, saying she was “pushed and shoved” out of the historic site “for doing nothing wrong”.

Adebola initially thought the guard had an issue with her dress.

She told the Sun Online she assumed the police thought she was “wearing inappropriate clothing”.

Adebola tweeted on Thursday: “I’ve just been arrested by Greek Police based on a false accusation. The Greek police are keeping me in custody. This is racism at its finest.

“I went to the Acropolis in Athens today and I was pushed out of the museum because I was apparently wearing inappropriate clothing.”

But it was only after she was forced into a police cell filled with “cigarette smoke from police officers” that she was told someone claimed she was “showing her bits to children”.

“I was absolutely terrified. I was just posing with my boyfriend at the site, and all of a sudden this female guard started being really aggressive, grabbing, pushing and shoving me,” she said.

“The guards didn’t tell me what I had done wrong. It’s not fair. I’d planned this trip for months to meet my boyfriend’s family.

“I saw other women dressed in much more revealing clothing than I was, and they were not targeted.

“I could only assume it was because of the colour of my skin.”

The British blogger was taken to court the following morning and cleared of sexual indecency.

She continued: “I was screamed at and pushed out of the building while being screamed at in Greek.

“Police were called and a false testament was made against me that I was lifting my skirt and flashing my body to the public. This is a LIE.”

Luckily, Adebola’s boyfriend was able to act as a translator between her and the Greek authorities.

In her original Twitter thread, the Londoner said she was due to appear in court on Friday for doing “absolutely nothing”.

She posted: “I have been ridiculed by the police. Provoked by the Greek police and absolutely traumatised by the situation.”

The Brit said the conditions where she was being held were “disgusting”.

But at around 3pm on Friday the blogger tweeted that she had been acquitted while thanking those who had supported her.

She wrote: “Anyways good news the case was acquitted!!! I am free!!! #travellingwhileblack”.

The Brit said she “caught the travel bug” while studying in Singapore and has now visited more than 30 countries.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission