Cruising around the dusty hills of Sicily, radio host Kate Langbroek has revealed the questionable decision she and her husband made while on a European roadtrip.

Langbroek, who hosts the Hit Network’s drive show with Dave Hughes, announced earlier this year that she and her family were making the move to Bologna for a year.

Following the move, the mum-of-four has been travelling through Sicily with her two young sons and husband Peter.

Stopping at quaint villages and popular tourist hot spots, Langbroek told her Hit Network co-hosts of a decision she made that she may live to regret.

On Wednesday, the 54-year-old told Hughes about a 20-hour ferry ride she’d booked that’s been reviewed as “sheer hell” by fellow tourists who have stayed on the one-star boat.

The journey, which ventures from Palermo to Genoa, is run by transportation company G & V ferries.

Langbroek, her husband and two of their children will be staying on board the vessel as it cruises through the Tyrrhenian Sea.

“It’s one of the worst trips you can undertake on one of the worst ferries going,” she joked while on the phone from Sicily to her co-hosts.

“We read the reviews on (the ferry) and they were all so horrendous that we thought, ‘oh, why don’t we do this’.” is giving you the opportunity to win a $5000 Escape holiday voucher to enjoy a trip of a lifetime! Enter here

The GnV ferry from Palermo to Genoa has been described as similar to “hitching a ride with a container ship” and that a one star review is “too much” to give the vessel.

The Palermo Genoa ferry route connects Sicily with Italy and is currently the only company that operates this ferry service.

“If you have time to drive, don’t go on this boat,” Hughesy said one of the reviews of the ferry read.

“Trip started with complete chaos. Nothing organised, no proper queues. For experiencing sheer hell, travel on this ferry.”

Langbroek, who announced she’d be leaving the top-rating radio show earlier this month, said the poor reviews were what pushed her to book a room on the ferry.

“I said to the little boys … it’s not going to be the best day of your life but it’s going to be unforgettable,” she said.

“20 hours of hell. But just to complete it we have booked an internal room with no windows and four bunk beds.

“It’s such a beautiful country and the people are so kind and clean … what is going on with this ferry.”

Langbroek, who moved to Italy in January, made the decision to step away from the show as a permanent co-host for the remainder of the year and will instead call into the program every now and then.

Last week, she called into the drive show from Sicily to set the record straight on why she decided to take the rest of the year off.

She explained she was originally planning on taking the whole year off from radio while she travelled around Europe until Hughes changed her mind at the start of 2019.

It’s expected Langbroek will return to Australia and her role as permanent co-host of the Hughesy and Kate Show in 2020.

Ed Kavalee, who was recently dumped as co-host of the 2 Day FM breakfast show in Sydney, will fill-in with Hughes until the end of the year.

Hughesy and Kate airs weekdays from 4.30-6.30pm on the Hit Network