YOLO. That’s what a growing number of younger people are thinking when they book their holiday.

And they generally have the budget and the freedom to do so, with a surge of millennials — in their late 20s and early 30s — booking package deals to better explore exotic holiday destinations including Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Morocco, India and Mexico.

The travel industry has also tapped into the “you-only-live-once” (YOLO) sentiment, offering cheaper flights and adventure packages to ambitious travellers.

According to online travel agent TripADeal, there’s a 95 per cent increase in millennials booking travel packages over the past three years.

The emerging trend is driven by younger generations looking for convenience and exceptional value for money, said TripADeal co-founder Richard Johnston.

“A lot of younger people are choosing to travel this way because they can score a good deal with the added bonus of meeting like-minded people to share adventures with,” he said.

Millennials are experiencing the world in new and unexpected ways — from “Instagrammable” moments to living with no regrets.

Working full-time and earning a steady income, Carly Williams remains bitten by the travel bug, flying twice a year to popular destinations like Morocco, Italy, London and Abu Dhabi.

She’s among many millennials seeking the best travel deals that offer authentic and unforgettable experiences.

“I subscribe to daily travel newsletter emails for the latest offers — it inspires me to find my next destination,” she said.

“Travelling around the world visiting wineries and tasting local cuisine are some of the best things you can spend your money and time on.”

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