When it comes to a cheap beachside holiday, Thailand is full of unique experiences for a range of Aussie travellers.

Whether you’re wanting to lounge by a luxurious pool, indulge your tastebuds in local cuisine or perhaps explore the ornate temples dotted around the island — a visit to Thailand is on most of our travel bucketlists.

So if you’re in the market to get there on the cheap — this deal might be well worth the wait.

As part of an October promotion, online booking website Trip.com has slashed prices off hotels and flights in Thailand by up to 50 per cent.

The sale, which will be applied to various dates throughout October, the sale could have you flying to Phuket from just $368.

Dubbed the ‘Best of Thailand Sale’, the sale is hoping to drawer tourists to Thailand to celebrate the festivities that kick off to mark the end of the three month Buddhist Lent.

The timing also coincides with various boat races in the region, with rivers being at their highest level during the month of October.

If you happen to visit Thailand this November, you can enjoy the Loi Krathong Festival. Known as Thai Festival of Lights, it is one of Thailand’s most enchanting and the second best-known festival after its New Year’s festival Songkran. The Festival, which is held annually all over the country, translates to “to float a basket,” and comes from the tradition of making krathong or buoyant, decorated baskets, which are then floated on a river.

But if you’re more inclined to check out Japan ahead of the 2020 Olympics instead, Jetstar has dropped an epic Fly to Japan, Return for Free sale.

From just $299 per person for their fare, the stunning deal will have travellers paying just for the single leg of the journey — working out to be just $149 each way.

But flights out of Cairns isn’t the only deal.

• Gold Coast to Tokyo (Narita) from $329^ (Return for free)

• Cairns to Osaka (Kansai) from $299^ (Return for free)

• Adelaide to Tokyo (Narita) via Cairns from $538^ (Return for free)

• Adelaide to Osaka (Kansai) via Cairns from $488^ (Return for free)

• Melbourne to Tokyo (Narita) via Gold Coast from $508^ (Return for free)

• Brisbane to Tokyo (Narita) via Cairns from $481^ (Return for free)

• Sydney to Tokyo (Narita) via Cairns from $484^ (Return for free)

• Sydney to Osaka (Kansai) via Cairns from $472^ (Return for free)

But, as with any sale, there are a few loopholes you’ll need to jump through in order to land the deal.

Return trips from Tokyo (Narita) via Cairns must be between either March 31 to April 8, May 6 to July 2, or August 28 to September 15, 2020.

If you’re looking to fly from Tokyo (Narita) via Gold Coast, you’ll need to be able to travel between March 15 and April 9, May 6 to June 29, and August 28 to September 24, 2020.

Those returning from Osaka (Kansai) via Cairns will need to fly from January 28 to March 19, May 6 to July 1 and August 28 to September 15, 2020. Checked baggage and optional extras aren’t included, but can always be added on if required.

Kicking off today, the sale will last until 11.59pm (AEST) Thursday, October 3, so get in quick!