A pilot and his wife cried with relief after he managed to safely land a small plane despite the throttle becoming locked on full.

In a video posted to YouTube, Devin Miller glides the aircraft along the runway of Meridian Regional Airport in Mississippi.

He cheers as he realises he has guided his wife and two kids safely back to the ground.

The Canadian man, who lives in Texas, pulls off the spectacular power-off landing while his wife stays calm so the youngsters tucked away in the back seats are unaware, The Sun reports.

The clip shows him declare an emergency over the radio during the flight from Falcon Field Peachtree, Georgia.

Mr Miller requests emergency vehicles on the ground as he prepares to attempt the safest landing possible while keeping astonishingly calm through the process.

He finally shows his deep relief as the family touches down on the runway in an astonishingly smooth landing.

Mr Miller posted the clip to encourage everyone to practise the situation safely with a certified flight instructor.

In reference to the rotation of the propeller at the front of his Piper Arrow light aircraft, he said he was able to “basically control RPMs (revolutions per minute) with a few backfires”.

He gave credit to his trainers at United Flight Systems and said a friend from Houston flew out to pick the family up.

“I had the confidence (ish) right from the get-go that I knew what to do and how to do it,” he said.

After the plane was fixed, the owner flew him back to collect it.

Comments on the video are full of praise, mainly for Mr Miller’s wife.

“That’s your wife with you? She is fantastic,” one said. “No outside expression of fear she was straight ride and die. Love it. That’s a good woman.”

Another added: “You can see the full realisation hit your wife’s face after you landed. This was a really moving video. Thanks for sharing!”

Someone else said: “Kudos to your wife, she kept cool during the emergency but you can see how glad she was after the landing. Great composure!”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission