A woman who was told her suitcase was over the weight limit has come up with a genius way to avoid paying the excess.

Gel Rodriguez managed to reduce her suitcase from 9kg to 6.5kg after taking out extra clothing and wearing all the layers on the flight.

Posting a picture to Facebook, Ms Rodriguez, from the Philippines, posed in her outfit with what appeared to be at least three tops, two pairs of pants and four cardigans, The Sun reported.

“From 9kg to 6.5kg baggage,” she wrote with the photo, adding: “#ExcessBaggageChallengeAccepted”.

It isn’t clear which airline she was travelling with.

Her genius technique quickly gained fans, being shared more than 19,000 times on Facebook.

Ms Rodriguez told Vice she “didn’t want to pay” the fee because the excess weight was so small.

But she had some words of caution for any passengers who tried the same stunt. “It was really hot,” she said.

Facebook users were fans of the technique, with many posting laughing emojis.

It is hardly the first time a passenger has resorted to extreme measures to avoid paying extra money.

An airline passenger in the UK avoided a $119 excess fee earlier this year by wearing four dresses, two pairs of shorts and a dress around her neck.

And last year, a savvy traveller came up with a very unusual way to avoid strict hand luggage weight restrictions — he got an old coat tailored to add enough storage to fit a carry-on suitcase worth of belongings.

Lee Cimino said the customised coat was able to fit what he needed for an overnight stay in Belfast, and he easily boarded his Ryanair flight with it.

“I had a pair of trainers, a pair of shorts, a T-shirt, a jumper, a towel, a pair of boxers, some socks and my liquids — the whole contents of my roll-on bag,” he said.

“The coat fitted comfortably with all of the stuff in it and I even wore it around Belfast until we got to our accommodation.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission