A cruise ship passenger has been banned for life after being photographed standing off the edge of the vessel.

Peter Blosic was on board a Royal Caribbean Cruises ship recently when he noticed a woman had stepped over the balcony railing for a photo.

According to The Sun, he shared the photo with the ship’s crew.

A passenger stands on the ledge of a Royal Caribbean Cruises ship.

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“What an absolute idiot. You cannot fall off of a ship unless you are acting like a moron,” he wrote on Facebook, according to the paper.

Jonathon Fishman, from Royal Caribbean Cruises, told USA Today the woman’s act was dangerous and reckless.

He also confirmed she was “standing on her stateroom balcony railing” for a photo with the help of someone else.

Mr Fishman added the passenger had been “banned for life”.

Cruise ships anchored off the shore of Grand Cayman Island, Royal Caribbean Caribbean cruise liner, Mariner of the Sea and Carnival Cruise Liner, turning to return to sea.