There’s no denying it, when travelling on board a plane – people can be pretty disgusting.

From walking around the cabin bare foot, to leaving rubbish between the seat or toothpaste in the lavatory sink – at 38,000 feet we sure can turn in to a messy bunch.

But this behaviour filmed on board a recent flight is just plane gross.

Posting to Reddit, an unidentified passenger managed to film the moment a fellow-flyer wedged his foot through a chair and the wall of the cabin, to rest his foot on another passenger’s armrest.

Looking at the camera in disgust, the young passenger sits motionless while holding a paper cup as the foot rests comfortably next to him.

The post has received more than 75k votes on the platform, and inundated with thousands of comments from others who have experienced a similar situation.

“Does this really happen? Was my upbringing so different from other people? I wouldn’t ever dream of doing this,” one person wrote.

“How would someone even remotely find this okay to do,” another added.

“It happened to me once on a flight. At least the foot was covered by a sock. I stabbed her toes with the in-flight magazine until she reeled her foot back to her lair.

“I don’t fly much but if anyone ever puts their goddamn foot into my seat like that it’s getting coffee spilled on it,” another added.

One questioned whether in fact the foot belonged to an acquaintance of the person behind the camera.

“That’s sick,” one commented.

“It’s disgusting that you even have to tell someone that this behaviour is inappropriate.”

Last year, a plane passenger was left horrified after spotting a stranger’s dirty feet on her headrest.

The rude passenger put his feet just above her head during the flight.

The image, posted on a forum on Reddit, shows a woman frowning at the camera.

Behind her are two bare feet looking dirty, slightly crossed as they rest on her head rest.

The picture is captioned: “This is the one thing I am most worried about before getting on a plane.”

“I think we should just ban other passengers,” one person wrote.

“Ew those are some dirty a** feet,” another added.

“That is so wrong and I’m not sure how it can be comfortable for the person doing it??”

Many had their own ideas to stop it, such as “sneezing on their feet” or “poking very firmly”.

Others said she should have told the passenger instead of posting online.