A Melbourne couple in quarantine said they felt like “prisoners” in their hotel, claiming they found “what looks like pubic hairs” in their food.

Jack and Lani are currently in forced isolation at the TraveLodge in Docklands, along with 200 other returned travellers.

They say they’ve been served expired food on multiple occasions, saying it’s “worse than a hostel”.

“The only thing we’ve got to look forward to is food at the moment and we’re only getting served food three times a day. The portion sizes are ridiculous, and we’ve had food out of date three or four times so far,” Jack told 3AW.

“We’ve had what looks like pubic hairs in our food.

“It’s worse than a hostel.”

The pair shared photos of yoghurt and muesli, which appeared to have expired days ago.

Jack says he wished they’d stayed in Peru.

“At least we got the option to go outside, good quality food and more freedom,” he said.

But it’s not all bad. Another traveller told 3AW the catering provided by the hotel was “substantial”.

“There was actually food already in our room when we arrived. We had a couple of breakfast boxes, some juice … They fed us lunch that day,” she said.

“A few of the comments that other guy was making, I thought they were a little bit inaccurate.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be in isolation in a comfortable place.”

TraveLodge Docklands has been contacted for comment.