A mum has criticised US airlines after being on a packed flight from New York, saying “nothing” is being done for passenger safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Mum Krissy Maloney, from Stamford Connecticut, shared footage on Facebook after she took a packed flight home from New York City – the global epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said she was reassured by American Airlines that all centre seats would be unoccupied on the Airbus A321 to allow distancing on the flight.

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“Absolutely not the case,” she wrote on Facebook. “Every single seat on this plane was filled!”

Images shared online show the busy flight, and she wrote in a lengthy post that while she understood the airline needed to make the trip cost-effective, she didn’t understand how the airline “gets away with this”.

American Airlines denied Ms Maloney’s claims, saying in a statement, “The flight was not full, and not every seat was occupied.”

“Additionally, that aircraft does not have over 220 seats,” an airline representative added, refuting Maloney’s claim that 220 passengers were aboard.

“Our policy, which we have publicly stated, was complied with on this flight from New York’s LaGuardia airport,” it said.

The airline said it is limiting the number of passengers on all its flights until May 31, with 50 per cent of the middle seats restricted from use unless “necessary”.

“Gate agents will also continue to reassign seats to create more space between customers or to accommodate families who need to be seated together,” the company said.

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