Travellers’ all-expenses-paid free 14-day hotel quarantine in Australia is set to become a thing of the past with a new user pays approach that could cost families thousands of dollars.

New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian will start charging international travellers thousands of dollars for hotel quarantine, warning they have had more than enough time to return home.

“Can I also stress in relation to returning travellers, I was asked yesterday about what we’re likely to impose, can I state quite stridently that we will be charging overseas visitors rather than charging New South Wales residents,’’ Ms Berejiklian said.

“Our focus is with the travellers from overseas. New South Wales has done more than double what any state has. We’ve welcomed between 30,000 and 35,000 Aussies coming back, going back to their home states, and obviously they’ve had considerable time to consider their options to this point in time, so the New South Wales Government is considering our position regarding that.

“And I won’t be charging New South Wales residents ahead of charging those overseas returning travellers who have had plenty of time to get back to Australia.”

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Queensland started charging international travellers for the mandatory two-week hotel quarantine period from July 1.

By the time the user pays approach was rolled out, the state expected to have spent around $24 million putting up returning travellers for free.

The user pays approach applies to international travellers and domestic travellers returning from COVID-19 hot spots including Melbourne.

“If you arrive in Queensland by air you will be transported to your arranged hotel. If you are crossing the border via road you need to drive yourself directly to your arranged hotel without stopping,’’ the advice states.

“For your own safety you will get tested for COVID-19 during quarantine. If you refuse, you will need to stay for longer at your own expense.

“At the end of your quarantine, you will have to pay the cost. Payment plans are available. You may also be eligible to apply to have the quarantine fee waived.”

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The costs of the mandatory quarantine remain modest, with Queensland charging $135 per room, with up to two adults and children allowed in a single room.

Adults are charged $65 per person per day for meals, with children’s meals at half price.

The total cost of quarantine as a result is around $2800 for a solo traveller, $3710 for a couple, $4165 for two adults with one child and $4620 for a family of four.

But it’s NSW and Victoria that has borne the burden of returning travellers who were required to quarantine in the state that they arrived in, rather than where they reside.

It’s expected the new hotel quarantine charges may be even higher in NSW because hotel rooms cost more than interstate.