When you’re taking a road trip with the family, there might be times when you want to consider a vacation by yourself because no one seems to get along in tight quarters. With a little imagination, there are some ways that you can keep the sanity alive in the car until you reach your destination.

However, it might require a few miracles when it comes to communication between your children.

Road Trip Necessities: What You Need to Keep Your Family Sane & Happy

Feed the Crowd

Food can often keep everyone quiet, at least for a short time. Keep snacks in the car that are healthy and that won’t make a mess. Cheese sticks or granola bars are ideal to enjoy in the car instead of chips or crackers as these things don’t make such a big mess with crumbs and such. Make sure that you have a trash bag so that items don’t get tossed on the floor of the car.

Have Electronic Devices

Don’t forget to grab the electronics and portable chargers before leaving home. Children can play games while traveling so that they have something to keep their minds occupied. Another option is to install a portable DVD player for children to watch movies. Audio books are also an idea if you want to enjoy the quiet solitude of a car trip while catching up on a bit of reading that you’ve missed out on lately.

Turn the Seats Into Sleep Spots

Make the back seat a cozy spot for sleeping or reading. Put blankets on the seat and a few pillows so that it looks and feels more like a bed than a car. Kids can have stuffed animals so that they have something to snuggle up to while on the road. After stopping at the library for a few books, this is a perfect area for your children to read a book. A benefit of turning the back seat into what appears to be a bed on wheels is that children can go to sleep if you leave home in the early morning hours.

Use Fun Bags

To keep everyone from fighting over what to do in the car, each person can pack a fun bag. It includes items to stay busy, such as a book, favorite toy or even yarn to crochet for someone older. The bags can also include a few snacks. A disposable camera can be included as a treat to give everyone a way to take pictures.

Traveling as a family can be fun, but it can also be a challenge as you might not always see eye to eye. Keep plenty of items in the car to stay busy.

If needed, pull over to stretch the legs before continuing on the journey.