Who doesn’t a relaxing ambiance? The fresh greenery scene and smell of the grass and flowers that are very calming and are truly pleasant to the eye. But on our current situation, most of us cannot travel and visit our favorite nature spots especially for people living in the city. But fret not, because of the current trend, you can now bring nature inside your home and create your own indoor garden.

Best Indoor Plants photo via Depositphotos
Best Indoor Plants photo via Depositphotos

Benefits of Indoor Plants

Plants are said to be very beneficial and have good effects on human’s physiological and psychological aspects.

Boost our mind and creativity

Living in a technology world, we are also becoming restless especially our minds and eyes. Our concentration easily fades away and loses our creativity. But when we look around and see any plants, it easily makes us feel relaxed. That’s why it is recommended to look at any green objects to calm your eyes and mind after many hours of being on any computer screens.

Natural Air Filter

We are not aware that there are harmful substances and residues that can be found in our furniture, flooring, cleaning products, etc. that have a bad effect on our health. Indoor plants can absorb those harmful toxins and help us breathe fresh air.

Livelier room

With the natural beauty and color of each plant, you can have them as natural decorations in your room. Also, with a touch of creativity, you can arrange them nicely and turn them into a piece of art.

Kitchen aids

Indoor plants can be your source of culinary ingredients. You can grow your own herbs for food flavoring like basil, peppermint, chives, and natural home remedies like Aloe Vera.

Popular Desk plants
Popular Desk plants

Like any livings, plants need our care as well. We must also give them attention like not letting them dry, taking care of their pots, and making sure that they are getting enough sunlight. For choosing a plant you must consider your purpose, are they for decorations or for garnishing, etc.

Spider Plant

Spider plant in retro tea cup photo via DepositPhotos
Spider plant in retro tea cup photo via DepositPhotos

Spider plants purify the air by producing oxygen, it absorbs carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and xylene. It is non-toxic and is very safe for pets and young children. Some use this plant as traditional medicine for bone fracture and burns. Snake plants have white and green striped leaves and can add more style in your space.


Mint indoor plant
Mint indoor plant

Mint is common herbs used for drinks. It is also being mixed to food for better digestion, and its smell is beneficial for air passages for better sleep. Mint is also great as flavorings in desserts and dishes.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Plant
Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera has thick watery leaves where the gel is stored. This gel is edible and also can be used as a medicinal remedy. You can make an aloe juice by processing its extract to prevent constipation and control blood sugar levels. Aloe vera extract is also widely known as natural skin products as it can treat many skin conditions like dry skin, acne, and psoriasis.

Echeveria Green Abalone Succulent

Echeveria and Tillandsia growing in a basket via DepositPhotos
Echeveria and Tillandsia growing in a basket via DepositPhotos

These indoor plants are perfect for busy people. Succulents are water-based indoor plants and weekly watering is enough for its survival. They can help increase humidity to avoid cough, colds, sore throat, and dry itchy skin.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily photo via Depositphotos
Peace Lily photo via Depositphotos

Peace Lily is popular for room decorations because of its unique white flowers. These plants can absorb excess moisture to avoid molds and mildew in bathrooms and toilets.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant photo via Depositphotos
Snake Plant at the center photo via Depositphotos

Snake plant is one of the most popular indoor plants today. This house plant filters air better than other indoor plants. Also, studies have shown that this plant helps enhance memory, concentration, and wholistic mental health.

Rubber Bush

Rubber Bush or Ficus Elastica indoor plant by Karlfonza via Wikipedia CC
Rubber Bush or Ficus Elastica indoor plant By Karlfonza – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, CC

This plant’s latex is the main ingredient in making rubbers that’s why it is called Rubber Bush. It has big glossy leaves and is good ornament inside the home.

Money Tree

Pachira aquatica or Money Tree
Pachira Aquatica or Money Tree

The money tree is traditionally believed to give good fortune to whoever owns it and wherever it was placed. Aside from that, this indoor plant filters the air from pollutants and produce more oxygen which is essential to human and animal.

English Ivy

English Ivy Plant via DepositPhotos
English Ivy Plant via DepositPhotos

These plants are easily grown indoors, just make sure that you provide them enough water. English Ivies prefer to be kept slightly on the dry side so do not water them much, make sure that their soil dries out before watering again.

Neon Pothos

Neon Pothos desk plant by Maja Dumat via Flickr CC
Neon Pothos desk plant by Maja Dumat via Flickr CC

Neon Photos are well known as an air cleaner because it has an air-purifying ability. It helps eliminate stinky odors inside the room and helps the eyes to relax after a very long screen exposure.

Its leaves are unique because of its heart shape and neon colors. It also glows when exposed to fluorescent light.

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