Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he wants to see Aussies be able to travel interstate by Christmas.

Mr Morrison made it clear on Friday he believes the downward trajectory of virus cases means states should consider opening up for the holiday period.

“Well look, I believe we can, domestically,” he said about the Christmas travel date, Seven News reports.

“I’d love to say we could do it internationally but I don’t think I can give you that pledge internationally.

“I hope that changes but based on the current evidence that doesn’t look likely.”

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Mr Morrison said closed borders is a “recipe for economic ruin” and is “not the plan” long-term.

“The plan is to ensure testing, tracing and outbreak containment, strong quarantine, COVID safe behaviours in the workplace, in the home, at the footy club, at the ground, in this conference.”

Mr. Morrison’s latest comments his statement from earlier this month, expressing his “hope” that COVID-19 border restrictions will be eased by Christmas.

Still, he warned Australians it was unlikely that normal movement without any restrictions will be restored by summer.

The prospect could stop thousands of Australians spending Christmas with relatives and loved ones and comes amid concerns that the Queensland border closures, while popular with voters, are not based on clear medical advice.

Just months ago, the Prime Minister had hoped the border restrictions would be lifted by July, a hope that now seems abandoned in the wake of the second wave in Victoria.