While most decommissioned planes get sold for parts, some wind up with a totally new lease on life — which is exactly what happened to this former Airbus passenger jet.

The former Etihad plane has been converted into a place to stay the night, complete with comfy beds and sofas, by a company in Wales.

Apple Camping in Pembrokeshire is offering “Arabian Nights” experiences on the old Airbus A319, which has been gutted of seats and fitted with two beds, a sofa and kitchenette built into the existing galley.

A bathroom with a toilet and shower is also on-board, along with a TV and living area and outdoor dining area.

The plane was originally owned by Air Canada, before being leased to Air Malta, only for Etihad to buy the aircraft in 2003.

While Australians can’t travel to Wales for leisure right now, when we return a two-night stay will set us back £298 ($A538) each.

“Now part of Apple Campings’ magical bizarre places to stay, Arabian Nights has a separate sheltered area for dining in the highly unlikely event of inclement weather in this little oasis in Wales, it has its own kitchen trolley dolly style, shower and loo and a first time for Apple camping – a TV!” the listing reads.

“The cross section of the plane is both living area and bedroom with a sofa bed and two singles.

“Original switches have been modified for the lighting and the mural at the back of the outside shelter is of an oasis in the desert.”

Apple Camping has other strange holiday accommodation too, such as a Pac-Man themed yurt and a “UFO”.

Guests can also rent its former private jet, which was built in the 1970s and used to transport up to nine passengers in first-class luxury.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission