A mother says she was left “humiliated and embarrassed” after nearly being kicked off a flight in front of her seven-year-old son due to her low-cut leopard-print top.

Eve J Marie was on the flight from Dallas to Tulsa with Southwest Airlines (SWA), when she says a flight attendant approached her and told the mum she was in breach of their dress code.

Eve, 26, claims she was told she’d have to leave the plane if she couldn’t change her clothes as she was showing too much cleavage. But she argues she can’t help the size of her breasts.

“When they threatened to remove me off the plane if I didn’t have a change of clothes, I felt completely humiliated, embarrassed and highly offended,” the mum said.

“I’m an A-list member for SWA and have a credit card with the airline and I have perks that allow any person travelling with me to fly free because of my high status with the airline.

“So even as being a loyal customer with them, I felt like the other women on the plane were judging me based on my attire and they were saying my breasts are too large.

“Well, that’s something I can’t help.”

The Instagram influencer claims the flight, on October 29, was her second journey of the day – and she’d been able to board her earlier flight with no problem at all.

Eve says she feared being stranded at the airport – in the middle of her two destinations – as she didn’t have a spare set of clothes.

The Playboy model says she was only alerted to the fact there was a problem when a flight attendant apologetically came over to have a word.

“When the … attendant called me over and told me they had called somebody to inform me of needing to change my clothes or be removed, I was so surprised,” Eve said.

“The attendant herself apologised. This flight was my layover and the first flight said nothing, so if this was truly the policy then why was I not informed before I even boarded the first flight?

“I was scared that they would have left me stranded in Dallas when I was headed to Tulsa.

“At least, return me back to the airport I departed from on the beginning (Florida).”

In the end, the flight attendant gave Eve her work jumper to wear, and she was forced to sit for the entire flight with the sweater tied around her.

“I didn’t have anything to change into so that same flight attendant gave me her work sweater to place on top of my chest,” she said.

“In the end, I was forced to sit on the plane in front of all the other passengers with her work sweater across my chest.

“This attendant advised me to contact corporate when I land.”

Eve claimed despite asking what the dress code was that she was in breach of, no one was able to give her a straight answer.

She says she’s been in touch with SWA and slammed their compensation offer of $100, saying it’s not enough to remedy the humiliation she suffered in front of her son.

“I was completely upset and embarrassed at how I was treated,” she said.

“Nobody could tell me what exactly their ‘dress code policy’ was.

“I called corporate and they apologised and awarded me $100 flight credit.

“They also wanted me to send in a documented email so they can investigate more, but I have not done that yet.

“The SWA policy on clothing says nothing about dress code except ‘lewd’ … in which I was not that.

“In the end, $100 credit isn’t enough for the humiliation and discrimination I received on that flight. This all happened in front of my child.

“I was completely singled out for a policy none of the employees could explain.”

She claimed she spends $60,000 a year with SWA, and has taken 32 trips with them this year – some in the same outfit.

Eve called for the dress code policy to be clearer, and for an apology from the airline.

The mum added: “I would like better diversification training, a clear and fair dress code policy that is the same across all SWA flights, a public apology, and those responsible held accountable.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and has been republished with permission