If there is one thing that Australians can agree on, it’s that Bondi Beach is by far our most overrated beach.

It’s hard to get to (what moron thought they’d build a train line and end it at Bondi Junction).

So you have to drive (or wait for a bus like a sucker) and drive around and around looking for a park.

Then when you finally make it to the sand it’s overcrowded anyway.

So it’s agreed, we all think Bondi Beach is overrated. But as part of news.com.au’s Australia’s Favourite series we can make it somewhat official.

You’ve already decided the best pizza topping, your favourite fast food burger is the Filet-o-Fish and that you apparently love Mountain Dew.

Vote below to tell us your FAVOURITE beach in Australia (please don’t get confused and think we want to know the most overrated one).

Who knows, maybe Bondi residents will vote in numbers and their precious beach will win.

We’ll let you decide.

Did we miss out your favourite beach? Are you an angry Bondi resident? Comment below and let us have it