GEORGE TOWN: “Tsunami girl” S. Thulaashi is looking forward to travelling around the world with her family.

The 16-year-old said she wanted to see other countries so that she could experience how other people live.

“Life has been good since that fateful day on Dec 26,2004, when I was given a second lease of life.

“But before I can travel, I must pass my SPM exams next year with flying colours, ” she said during annual thanksgiving prayers in Miami Beach, Batu Ferringhi, on Saturday.

Her father A. Suppiah, 71, said Thulaashi has been doing well in her studies and was glad that things were looking bright for his daughter.

“We will always be grateful to God for bringing our baby back when thousands of others perished in the tragedy, ” he said.

Thulaashi was only 22 days old when the deadly tsunami hit her father’s cafe along the beach.

She was sleeping when a giant wave carried the mattress with her on it out to the sea.

However, a second wave brought her back 30 minutes later.

Thulaashi made headlines worldwide as “the miracle baby who floated home” and Suppiah has been conducting prayers for her “safe return” ever since.

At the ceremony, Suppiah waded out to sea to perform the rites while Thulaashi scattered flower petals and said a simple prayer.