An accused hotel quarantine escapee in Perth has been sent back to prison after allegedly giving false information about her bail address while she awaits trial.

Jenny D’Ubios had been locked up at Bandyup Prison for more than a week before she was granted bail in Perth Magistrates Court on Monday.

She was rearrested within hours, although police said the 49-year-old was not charged with any additional offences.

During her court appearance on Tuesday, prosecutors claimed D’Ubios allegedly gave authorities two false addresses.

One was a contact who was allegedly unaware she had nominated her home and had not spoken to her for eight months, while no-one at the second property knew her.

Magistrate Joanne Andretich said D’Ubios had shown a willingness to flout directions and ordered her bail be revoked.

Speaking before her court appearance, WA Premier Mark McGowan said D’Ubios had been very selfish.

“Her behaviour has been appalling,” he said.

“She’s obviously caused herself immense grief once again.”

D’Ubios, who had arrived in Perth from Spain, allegedly walked out of the Pan Pacific Hotel on Boxing Day after saying on social media that she was planning to leave.

It’s believed she caught a bus on Adelaide Terrace and dodged police for about 12 hours, including visits to Fremantle and Rockingham, before she checked herself into a hospital.

D’Ubios has pleaded not guilty to a charge of failing to comply with a direction and is scheduled to face a trial allocation hearing on February 23.

Her lawyer has indicated she will argue she had a reasonable excuse to leave hotel quarantine.

In granting her bail on Monday, Magistrate Benjamin White said D’Ubios was “highly unlikely” to get a prison sentence if convicted.

WA Police Minister Michelle Roberts said on Tuesday that she commended police for checking on the accused shortly after she was granted bail.