Marbella Awarded World Travel Tourism Council Certificate For Tourist Safety
Marbella Awarded World Travel Tourism Council Certificate For Tourist Safety.
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MARBELLA Awarded The Prestigious World Travel Tourism Council Certificate For Tourist Safety

The mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, has proudly announced that the town now has the prestige of being awarded both of the only two safety certificates that exist worldwide for tourism, after recently receiving the world seal of tourist security (Safe Travel Stamp) granted by the World Travel Tourism Council (WTTC).

The Safe Travel Stamp is a certificate that shows a destination’s effectiveness of having taken all the required measures to combat the pandemic, and Ms Muñoz was happy to boast that Marbella has become “one of the international destinations with the most guarantees for visitors. Transmitting confidence to tourists is essential in order to accelerate the recovery of the sector”.


To gain this distinction, it is necessary to be endorsed by more than 200 executives of the main tourist groups in the world, and it is necessary to prove total complicity with the global hygiene and health protocols, and all of the guidelines laid down by the World Health Organization and other agencies.

Last August, Marbella became the first Spanish town to achieve the ‘Safe Tourism Certified’ seal that is granted by the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality(ICTE), with the mayor saying, “Our priority has been since the beginning of the pandemic, to position ourselves as a destination with guarantees against Covid-19, with the collaboration and commitment of businessmen, especially those affected by this serious health and economic crisis, to guarantee the tranquility of the travellers”.

Ángeles Muñoz was keen to point out that the town hall’s tourism strategy at the most important virtual fairs in the sector is focusing, among others, “on promoting the added value of the endorsements of official bodies in the implementation of protocols to provide security to visitors”, as reported by