South Australia will remove its hard border closure with Brisbane effective immediately following just one new locally acquired case in Queensland on Saturday.

Following an unscheduled transition committee meeting on Saturday morning acting chief medical officer Michael Cusack said health officials were confident in Queensland’s contact tracing efforts after Brisbane was plunged into a three-day snap lockdown earlier in the week.

“We feel confident in the position of Brisbane and associated counties … so we’re going to lift the border restriction as of today,” he told reporters on Saturday afternoon.

“What that means in practice then is that where we currently have Brisbane as a level six, in terms of the direction which effectively bars entry into the state, we shift into a level three.

“So what that means is that those people who previously couldn’t enter South Australia now can, but they will need to get tested in day one, day five and day 13.

Dr Cusack said there would be a “small number of people who have been to exposure sites in Queensland” who were not allowed out of quarantine.

“We have those names and we are, we are going to be making contact with them to advise, specifically as to what their risk is but in broad, if you’ve been to an exposure site which is which is listed on the Queensland website and is obviously changing the whole while, then you won’t be able to come out of quarantine until you’ve completed your 14 days.”

Queensland recorded one new locally acquired case of COVID-19 on Saturday.

Health Minister Yvette D’Ath said the case was a close contact related to the Brisbane cluster, and the person had been in quarantine since March 27.

“Their first test was negative and now they have become infectious and they are now positive,” she told reporters on Saturday morning.

The state also recorded two cases acquired overseas.