With that chill in the air, winter is well and truly upon us.

Now, budget retailer Aldi will release an item that *may* overtake the chaos caused by the recent Snow Sale.

For just $29, customers who snap up the supermarket’s ‘electric blanket’ Special Buys item will stay warm wherever they go – whether it be camping, caravanning or watching the kids’ soccer game early one morning.

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The item, which comes in three shades, is a ‘must have’ travel item this winter.

The 12V blankie on offer for $29.99 is on sale from Saturday, May 29. But you better get in quick, it’s going to be just as popular as the airfryers and snow jackets from the looks of things.

When ALDI posted the ad for the heated blanket on Facebook, almost 6k shoppers commented

“These look amazing … take my money,” one eager shopper wrote.

“I’ll forfeit my 200 rolls of toilet paper for one of these,” another chimed in.

“These would be good for those cold soccer games … and great for camping,” another added.

Others were tagging their friends and family and listing all the things the blanket would be good for – however many questioned the amount of batteries the blanket may chew through.

Last Saturday’s annual snow sale saw thousands cram into Aldi stores across the country.

After taking a pause last year amid the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in Australia in 2020, the sale saw more product than ever on the shelves.

But by the time 8am rolled around at Chatswood – typically a popular spot for shoppers – crowds descended on the German retailer in anticipation for the store opening at 8.30am.

As the roller doors opened and security did their best to control the crowds, the masses won and the centre aisle of Aldi turned into chaos.

For the sale, the German retailer put certain rules in place to control the crowds.

Customer lines – Bollards and additional signage will be on display outside of stores to ensure customers line up in a safe and socially distanced manner.

Staggering entry into our stores – Each store will stagger customers’ entry into the store in groups of 50 people every 15 minutes, until they reach each store’s density limit based on our Covid Safe Plan. A one person in, one person out policy will then apply while the store is at its density limit.

Additional security – The majority of our stores will have security guards on hand to help manage the safe flow of customers into each store. In select stores where there will not be a security guard, our store manager will manage the staggered entry of customers.

Middle aisle layout – We are spreading out the tables in the Special Buys area to further encourage social distancing.

Additional ALDI employees – All Aldi stores will have additional team members on hand to help customers and to encourage social distancing in stores.

The Aldi snow sale traditionally takes place each May and attracts thousands of shoppers across the country desperate to snap up a cool saving on snow gear.

In 2017, the sale created chaotic scenes in stores across the country, with some shoppers pushing and shoving their way through the aisles.