If you’re sitting at home wondering where – and when – you will be able to whip out that blue travel document and fly overseas without a problem, well, Aussies are in for a long ride.

With Australia’s international borders unlikely to open to travel for at least another year, it is no surprise some of us are starting to feel a little isolated from the rest of the world.

But one TikTok star has found a few handy ways to put your passport to work – and not a single one requires travelling overseas.

A recent post by Zyneb, which has been viewed more than 800,000 views, shows five ways to use your passport while overseas travel is off the cards.

The first, and perhaps most obvious – is to turn it into a cheeky drinks coaster, or perhaps a jam under a wobbly table.

Another idea was to use it as a fan but perhaps the most unusual suggestion was to use it as a sponge-type divide while washing your car.

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The list of ideas was met with thousands of comments, but many appeared not to see the humour in the video post.

“You should respect that thing,” one person commented.

“I think that you should appreciate you are a citizen of Australia and you are in a very safe country,” another added.

“Please respect our coat of arms,” another lectured.

But others were quick to jump to the woman’s defence, saying the video was clearly a gag.

“As an Australian I can related to this,” one person wrote.

“This is hilarious,” another added.

“She is clearly having a joke because we can’t go anywhere anytime soon.”

Australians were served a big blow last month when the federal government predicted the country’s international borders will remain largely slammed shut until mid-2022.

Part of the 2021 budget’s key economic assumptions include a prediction that despite Australians likely to be fully vaccinated by the end of the year, the budget warns the borders will remain largely closed until mid-2022.