BEIJING, July 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In celebration of the 5th anniversary of the Lancang-Mekong Cooperation (LMC), the first Lancang-Mekong Fruit Festival organized by China’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs this week kicked off in Beijing, with WeChat Channels being the exclusive livestream platform partner.

The WeChat Channels live room for the first Lancang-Mekong Fruit Festival
The WeChat Channels live room for the first Lancang-Mekong Fruit Festival

During the launch ceremony that was livestreamed on WeChat Channels, diplomatic envoys of the other five LMC countries were invited to the virtual room where they interacted with viewers from all over China. They explained the merits of the high-quality fruits from their respective countries and elaborated on the LMC mechanism in agriculture. Pagoda, a renowned food retailer and one of the event hosts, launched a one-yuan flash sale on Channels to promote premium tropical fruits including durian, mangosteen, coconuts, dragon fruits and bananas, all of which were quickly snapped up.

The launch ceremony was attended by over 100 representatives from several Chinese ministries, as well as the Embassies of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam in China and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Representative Office in China. Thousands of fruit stores are attending the festival. As a result, we can expect to soon see high-quality fruits from the other five member countries of the LMC being sold in shops and food stalls across more than 100 Chinese cities.

In China, the growing popularity of livestreaming has brought about new opportunities for the agricultural sector as farmers are turning to interactive media platforms including WeChat Channels to promote their produce. WeChat regularly organizes events aimed at helping farmers leverage the new digital technology to boost their income. 

Launched early last year, WeChat Channels is a platform which allows all users to record and create content. It also serves as a window through which users can get to know and understand more about others who come from different walks of life and learn more about what’s happening around the world. Users can promote products via live streaming by using their WeChat Channels account coupled with WeChat mini programs in addition to posting short videos and going live on the platform. With WeChat Channels, merchants can directly access customers in both the public and private sectors and create a full transaction process by leveraging the WeChat ecosystem.