SEONGNAM, South Korea, July 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ALPHACIRCLE Inc., the 360 VR Video Quality Enhancement professionals are happy to introduce the most mind-blowing VR solution; ‘ALPHAView’ which has been nominated for “TOP 3 – BEST VR Technology of the Year.”

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“We felt now it would be a perfect time to reach out to tell you about us. Our solution ensures that it can be delivered at its best possible resolution, transforming the finest visual experience for various types of live-action VR contents,” said Kevin Kim – a sales director in charge of business development at ALPHACIRCLE Inc.

Major Problem

A poor resolution is hampering the more rapid adoption of VR visual content and means visual artists and creators are missing out on the potential of advances in content development technology.

Turn-Key Solution

ALPHACIRCLE has come up with a turn-key solution that can solve this problem and help the VR content producers to deliver the groundbreaking visual masterpieces in 8K 3D ultra-high-definition.

Core Technology

A fundamental concept of ALPHAView is dividing the 360-degree VR video into a certain number of images and rapidly increasing the number of pixels by optimizing the resources on the viewing angle; providing 4 times more pixels than a general 4K 3D video. It is the most innovative technology to perfectly implement playback synchronization. When segmented images are played according to the direction of the user’s view and if this playback synchronization is aligned well, the users will experience the entire space more stunningly than ever before in a comfortable manner.

Target Audience

ALPHAView is designed to offer a premium resolution solution for live-action 360-degree video producers, immersive educational and training program creators, and producers of entertainment like concerts and sports, etc.

About Us

ALPHACIRCLE is a VR solution company that aims to help creatives and video producers to deliver incredible VR experiences by dramatically improving the image resolution of 360 VR video. Beyond reality, we are fully ready to offer the most advanced video engine technology to help visual professionals bring possibilities to life – like never before !

Contact Point

If you’re working for the VR 360 business, now it’s the perfect time to find out what ALPHAView is really capable of. For more inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at or subscribe us and stay tuned for more information via