BEIJING, July 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Meng Guanglu is a Peking Opera performer and master role in Peking Opera that uses Qiu-school face painted. This short documentary, produced by The Untold Story, tells the story of how Meng Guanglu, through his hard work, went from being a nobody to a renowned master of Peking Opera. He carries on the wonder and brilliance of Peking Opera by using his talents and his amazing performances in the roles he acts.

There are four types of characters in Peking Opera, the male role, female role, painted- face role, and comic role. Meng Guanglu specializes in the painted-face role.

Meng Guanglu heard his neighbors performing Peking Opera for the first time near Haihe river in Tianjin. He quickly fell in love with this unique style of performance and became dedicated to learning the art. For three years, he traveled back and forth between Jinan city in Shandong province and Tianjin every week to learn how to perform Peking Opera.

Meng Guanglu has now performed in Peking Opera for over 50 years. His all-time favorite role to act is Bao Zheng, a role he performs at least one hundred times each year. Even though he has performed thousands of times over the years, Meng remarks that he still gets nervous each time on stage.

Meng Guanglu insists on rehearsing many times with other actors before each performance. Even during break times between acts, he makes sure to touch up on his face paint. He always has his mind on creating the best performance possible. Being a professional Peking Opera actor, he holds the art in great respect and always puts his heart into each and every performance. He continues to practice movements and singing every day, holding himself to the highest standard in performing, treating every performance as if his debut performance.

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