SINGAPORE, July 16, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Beginnings of BJ MilkyTea – Beary Best BJ Milkytea, which has just launched in Singapore is founded by Benny Xu, who had 2 years of barista experience in a global coffee making brand, and owns a 2-year-old Hong Kong Dessert Brand, Lucky Dessert in Shanghai. The BJ Milkytea brand was created out of love and strong family bond – the B in BJ stands for Benny and J stands for his wife, Jessie. His wife who loves bubble tea coupled with her love for keeping fit inspired the brand concept. BJ MILKYTEA was conceptualised with health in mind as well as the love for bubble tea, and mixes the sweetness of what his wife likes to drink as well as having other healthier options.

Beary Best BJ MILKYTEA Bubble Tea launches in Singapore
Beary Best BJ MILKYTEA Bubble Tea launches in Singapore

Beary Best BJ MILKYTEA Bubble Tea launches in Singapore
Beary Best BJ MILKYTEA Bubble Tea launches in Singapore

Worldwide Travels Inspired founder’s creativity of recipes

Due to his frequent travels between Asia, Europe and South America for work in the shipping industry, Benny was introduced to a wide variety of cuisines and beverages. During his travel with his wife, they come across an exquisite Vanilla Ice-cream which they found creamy in texture and highly fragrant. Benny decided to come up with a drink with this Ice-cream to let more people have a taste of such unforgettable flavors. Benny have also introduced a few others signature drinks inspired from local and other countries like Shanghai and Indonesia.

Beary Best Concept & Vision

The long-term goal for this concept is to bring in the best quality and creativity for their customers. Benny and his team ensures that the brand will sustain business growth, with the uniqueness and innovative concept that has been inspired by his worldwide experiences and travels. The three bears representing the brand is actually based on their family of threes – The Black bear represents himself, the White bear represents his wife, and the Brown bear, represents their precious little one.

BJ MILKYTEA has a unique way in which they operates the business as they collaborate with non-profit organisations such as The Singapore’s Association for The Deaf to hire special needs individuals to work in their back-end operation. The minimal interactions with customers creates a stress free and pressure free environment which gives an opportunity to the deaf and hearing impaired individuals to be a part of the team.

The concept of the store is unlike typical beverage stores in Singapore. At first glance, customers will only see a white brick walls, with a small little window. Once their order is placed, they will find themselves surprised to be greeted by any of the bears representing our brand from the small window on the wall.

BJ MILKYTEA drinks are affordable and infuses spins and mixtures from around the world setting new trends and deliciousness. It is not only fast forward fashionable, cute, funky as well as trending.

Ordering Online and Instore

Customers can choose to either Scan a QR CODE or approach one of their friendly service crew to place an order at the store.

Drinks range from $2.40$7, and some of their full range menu consists of items such as: 

  • Dirty Bear
  • Frosties
  • Beary Rich Asians
  • Fruit Tea
  • Kopi T or Me
  • Specialty

There are also exciting topping options such as BJ’s classic pudding, BJ’s classic cheese foam, black glutinous rice (Pulut Hitam). Other seasonal series including Holiday specials like National Day, Halloween, Mid-Autumn Festival, Christmas specials, Chinese New Year bubble tea drinks


16th July – 2nd Drink 50% off until 31st August

Beary Best BJ MILKYTEA Bubble Tea is located at:

1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-07, Singapore 082001
Operates daily from 11am to 7pm.
(Last order at 6.45pm, while stock last)

Visit their socials at:
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