BEIJING, July 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Zhang Liming has held the field electrician for over 30 years. As an employee of the State Grid Tianjin branch’s Binhai subsidiary, Zhang has been granted several titles for his work, including Role Model of the Times and National Morale Model.

While he is proud of his blue-collar work, Zhang has also concentrated on introducing technological innovations. Zhang has developed four generations of live wire robots to improve the efficiency and safety of live wire working conditions.

Zhang said the robots have the abilities of visual recognition, motion control and electromagnetic interference, which give them the functions of accurate positioning, independent path planning in line with technical standards.

This short documentary was produced by The Untold Story, and it mainly told the innovation story of Zhang Liming. In this video, the audience could know how an ordinary blue-collar worker become a leading role in innovation. Meanwhile, it showed Zhang’s good personality and his professional pursuit. 

Live wire robots have been put into service in North China’s Tianjin Municipality, replacing humans in the dangerous work on high-voltage power lines.

Zhang has not only inspired the Binhai arm of the company, but also the entire Tianjin branch following his lead on voluntary work and innovations.

Contact: Jane Cheng