SYDNEY, July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kalkine Media is organising the next edition of the “INVEST NEST” webinar series, titled ‘Businesses that Unlocked the Power of Innovation During Crisis’, a burning issue amid the Covid-19 crisis, on July 23.

As the world navigates through the Covid-19 pandemic, innovation and digital transformation are helping corporates ride through this difficult phase; the webinar panel of expert speakers will share the potential of their businesses, growth strategies, along with the value and vision in the post pandemic world.

The panel consists of esteemed business leaders, Mr. Kris Poria, the co-founder and the current CEO of EarlyBirds, and Mr. Mark Fortunatow, the founder, CEO and executive chairman of Spacetalk Ltd. Both EarlyBirds and Spacetalk Ltd are Kalkine Media’s valued clients.

EarlyBirds: A leader in innovation

EarlyBirds brings together innovators, early adopters, and experts through an innovative B2B platform, Early Birds Marketplace, to collaborate and extend the tech envelope. EarlyBirds is a one-stop solution for innovators and start-ups who have a solution for potential customers, and for subject matter experts/consultants.

Spacetalk: A communication specialist 

Spacetalk is an innovative technologies developer and is a global provider of secure communication solutions for families to stay connected and protected. Spacetalk’s product range includes Spacetalk Kids, Spacetalk Adventurer and Spacetalk Life. Spacetalk is focused on expanding its footprint in the UK market. 

About Kalkine Media

Kalkine Media operates across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK and the US. It aims to keep its readers abreast of the latest and trending news on equity market, commodity, economy and other business developments. Also, part of the platform is Kalkine TV, which runs as part of the Australia operations and is making a mark in the digital streaming landscape.

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