With over 6 million users, including 150,000 certified creators, MYM is the first French social network in the “Passion Economy” sector

MYM launches on July 19th a new release of its platform with a premium positioning to attract influential personalities and content creators from different fields: sports – music – stand up – gaming – cooking

PARIS, July 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Launched in 2019, MYM is a revolutionary private social network offering new perspectives for relationships between influential personalities (artists, sportsmen, coaches, models, designers…) and their communities.

MYM Profil Creator
MYM Profil Creator

MYM allows fans to access exclusive content from their favorite creators and influencers, via a subscription, and to interact with them.

MYM for whom? And how?

MYM offers a platform designed for creators, fans and all those who wish to promote the talents of tomorrow, the ambassadors.

Like in any private club, creators own a space of their own, where they are free to create, propose and exchange any contents they want.

On the other hand, fans can have a direct and authentic relationship with their favorite personalities through a subscription that gives them access to exclusive contents in a secure environment.

Finally, MYM offers a platform dedicated to agents (players, artists), agencies, labels, producers, etc.

MYM is the only platform to offer a tailor-made business model for creators of famous/influential people, ambassadors (managers) and fans (community) at the same time.

New cutting-edge technology features

Push: an existing but improved feature that allows content creators to inform their entire community of exclusive news: the release of an album, an intimate concert, an important event, or even backstage access.

MYM TV: Coming soon. The content creator will have the possibility to have his own TV channel to broadcast his content (live, studio, backstage, show, etc.). 

Dashboard: the platform provides ambassadors (agent, manager, sponsor, label, producer, etc.) with a effective management tool that allows them to follow activities and revenues generated in real time as well as billing follow-up. 

Concierge service: in addition to the 24/7 support, MYM offers a customized service to assist creators in managing their account, messaging system and contents. 

Security, at the heart of MYM’s challenges

Since its creation, MYM has made the security of all its users an absolute priority. The founders, two young French entrepreneurs, rely on AI-based solutions reinforced by moderators to track down any drift related to this new model. MYM offers a secure environment based on proven control systems that rely on 2 major pillars: the control of public and private contents, and the protection of minors through user account verification and certification.

The minimum age required to open a creator account is 18.

On MYM, each account must be mandatorily and systematically certified. Without certification, the creator cannot be paid and cannot neither post new contents nor converse with his subscribers. Moreover, creator profiles that have not obtained their certification do not appear in the search engine and remain invisible.

A very strict protocol has been implemented to ensure the veracity of the information provided (double-sided ID, a selfie with an ID number on A4 paper sheet, verification of mobile number).

MYM uses the latest biometric technologies to carry out these controls and moderates contents when necessary.

“Social networks are entering a new era. An era when influential people connect, interact live, and share exclusive contents with their communities and fans. An era when passion and creation really are valuable. At MYM, we put the creator back at the center of the project. We give them all the cards to make a living from their passion and to be supported by their community, creating a kind of private club 2.0,” says Gaspard Hafner, cofounder of MYM.

“We are proud that MYM is one of the few platforms to certify its creators. Our ambition is to become the first generalist “Exclusive Social Media”, and this ambition will accelerate all along 2021. We are the only ones to offer a tailor-made business model for each of our targets: ambassadors (managers), fans (the community) and content creators,” explains Pierre Garonnaire, cofounder of MYM.

Claire Delzescaux – claire.delzescaux@gen-g.com