“Survival tips: Travel to Inkwell cave” is a quest in New World that happens very early on for those that started in Windsward. It is part of the main tutorial that introduces you to the camping mechanic. It is very important for players to complete it, because it unlocks the camp you use to respawn in. Unfortunately, Inkwell cave is bugged. It seems this is not a new issue. Players had problems with it before. This is what closed betas are for. We hope this issue will be ironed out for launch. In the meantime we have found a solution to New World’s Travel to Inkwell Cave bug to help you keep progressing in the game.

New World Travel to Inkwell Cave Bug Solution
Image by Amazon Games

Travel to Inkwell Cave Bugged Quest Fix

Travel to Inkwell Cave is a quest step of the Survival Tips quest. This quest requires you set up a camp near Inkwell cave and then go kill and skin some wolves. It also requires you to reach the wolf cave first. People are having trouble because all other quest steps get completed except the one that says “travel to the inkwell cave”. To get this quest completed people suggest you first unbind your camp. You do this pressing and holding Y on your keyboard. Leave the Inkwell cave area then. Come back to it and the quest step should complete.

Some are even reporting that you can just leave the cave zone and go back to it and it will work. Others suggest that you leave the zone and then set up a new camp. From there approach Inkwell cave from the big open part in the east and not the small path through the rocks.

In short, try unbinding your camp and leaving the Inkwell cave zone and re-entering it via a different path. This should complete the quest step and subsequently complete the camp quest. If you have a better solution please let us know in the comments bellow.