Two women who flew from Sydney to Melbourne without taking a Covid test and later tested positive for the virus have been handed heavy fines.

The women flew from the restricted zone on August 9 on QF471 and did not have a correct border permit, Covid testing commander Jeroen Weimar said.

“They did not have the right permit with them, that permit would not have been issued, it was an extreme zone, they (were stopped) by authorised officers and taken into hotel quarantine,” Mr Weimar said.

“Yesterday both tested positive. This is the risk of interstate travel at this point in time.”

The women are said to be well and are being cared for in the quarantine program and had been fined more than $5000.

It comes as NSW reported 345 cases on Friday, as Victoria desperately tries to stop the Delta strain from crossing the borders.

Mr Weimar said the state was classed as an “extreme” red zone.

“This is why we are putting such significant barriers in place to limit all unnecessary travel between our states at this most critical time,” he said.

The consequences of these two positive cases not having been stopped, being positive in the community and then spreading through Melbourne and Victoria, you know, we do not need to more incursions of this type.”

Over the last month the government authorities have stopped 6000 passengers at Melbourne airport, with 190 of those put into hotel quarantine and 65 returned to NSW.

The government on Thursday introduced stricter border permits for border bubble residents, which currently only allow six essential reasons to cross.

Mr Weimar thanked authorised officers for their work.

“A huge thanks to the authorised officers team and all the staff at the airports for being so vigilant, for daily checking people coming in from red zones or extreme zone.

“This is why we do it. This is a footnote.

“It underscores our determination around doing all we can to support border communities.”