An Aussie who unleashed on WA Premier Mark McGowan over his harsh border rules has been granted a last-minute exemption to see his dying mum.

A Qantas passenger who attacked WA Premier Mark McGowan’s harsh border rules has been granted a last-minute exemption to see his dying mother one last time.

Ethan Carter was aboard QF12, the first Qantas flight to land at Sydney Airport yesterday morning, after Australia finally reopened for international travel.

Mr Carter, who had flown in from Los Angeles, told reporters he had been trying to return home for two years during the pandemic to see his ill mother – but that it still might not be possible given NSW visitors are still barred from entering WA indefinitely.

“I’m really scared and emotional because I want to see my mum as she’s not well,” Mr Carter explained through tears at the airport on Monday morning.

“The doctor says she hasn’t got long, and I just have to do everything I can to get to WA. I love her so much and I just want to get there.

“I love her heaps and I can’t wait to see her.”

Mr Carter issued a personal plea to WA Premier Mark McGowan, urging him to end people’s “suffering”.

“We know we have to protect people’s lives but you have to bring families together. Please, it’s so important,” he said.

In response, Mr McGowan encouraged Mr Carter to apply for an exemption to enter WA.

“These situations are very sad and very difficult and we’ve seen much of this over the course over the last two years,” Mr McGowan said.

“The police and the chief health officer will analyse his case if he makes an application so that a decision can be made.”

WA Police confirmed in a statement late on Monday that Mr Carter will be able to cross the border into the state and be reunited with his mother.

“After consideration of Mr Ethan Carter’s family circumstances, the State Emergency Coordinator, WA Police Force Commissioner Chris Dawson, has this evening personally signed authorisation to allow Mr Carter to enter Western Australia,” the statement reads.

“Mr Carter will be subject to 14 days hotel quarantine in Western Australia and Covid-19 testing.

“As per all compassionate care cases, any visitation to his mother will be closely managed in line with public health advice and practices.”

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