MANILA, Philippines, Nov. 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Affected by the epidemic, fundamental changes have taken place in the structure of the global maternal and infant market. As the users and buyers of maternal and infant products belong to vulnerable and sensitive groups, the “practicality” and “safety” of maternal and infant products are the first point for parents to consider.

Considering the needs of new parents, yoboo recently launched the “All-in-one fresh-keeping lactation pump”. This pump adopts Japanese Spiral-Flow cyclone lactation technology, with 3 modes and 9 gears adjustment, from the upper wall of the breast to cyclone massage, the breast multi-point synchronous massage for several seconds, and then transferred to the next multi-point position to help the baby mother maximize the milk flow. Provide mothers with excellent comfort, support and perfect fit to help every mother get the best breastfeeding experience.

All-in-one Fresh-keeping Lactation Pump
All-in-one Fresh-keeping Lactation Pump

At the same time, compared with other general breast pumps on the market, yoboo breast pump is directly connected to the milk storage bag. After the milk pumping is completed, the bag can be taken down and sealed for storage, avoiding the pollution produced in the process of secondary dumping. It is convenient for mothers to effectively store fresh breast milk, so that every baby can drink with confidence and mother can use with peace of mind. All products that come into contact with breast milk do not contain BPA and use “food-grade silicone” to build a safe breastfeeding environment for mothers.

“We are very pleased to announce to mothers that we are officially launching the ‘All-in-one Fresh-keeping Lactation Pump’ in response to mothers’ demand for safe breastfeeding.” The founder of yoboo said, “In the future, we will continue to focus on using innovation to create products that are best suited for breastfeeding mothers, providing safe, reliable and comfortable feeding tools that make a positive impact on mothers’ breastfeeding journey.”

Breastfeeding can provide strong immune protection for babies, especially in the current sensitive period, mothers need to insist on breastfeeding. From research and development to testing, yoboo has cooperated with Japan Life Sciences Corporation and the Asian Pediatric Association and other top institutions in research and development. Since its inception, yoboo has always put “safety” in the first place and checked the quality and effectiveness of each maternal and child product step by step.

As a brand committed to innovative breastfeeding, yoboo always adheres to the concept of “cherishing every drop of breast milk” and people-oriented design principles, and deeply cultivates product innovation and practicability. Starting from the feelings of mothers and the safety of babies, yoboo takes human mechanics as the basis and strict material selection as the first principle to create the most healthy and scientific breastfeeding method.