GUIYANG, China, Dec. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said on Dec, 6th that Guizhou secured yet another bumper harvest, with grain output up 3.49 percent year-on-year, Guizhou’s total grain output reached nearly 10.949 million tons in 2021.

The total sown area is 41.8155 million mu(about 2.802 million hectares), edged up 1.22 percent year-on-year.

On November 30th, Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guizhou Province invited experts to measure the production of perennial rice in a trial field of Sinan County, Tongren City of Guizhou Province.

It’s the second year of harvest of this field’s rice and its yield has reached 843.3 kg per mu (about 0.067 hectares), which indicates the successful overwintering of perennial rice in Guizhou.

To achieve the goal of this year’s grain production and of increasing planting area, grain production has become one of Guizhou government performance evaluation system in governments at all levels. Leaders of governments at all levels are responsible for increasing local grain production.

Leaders of Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Guizhou Province have been in charge of over 1,000 mu(about 67 hectares) farm fields and leaders of governments at all levels are responsible for 108 demonstration farmland. Its total area reached nearly 100,000 mu (about 6,700 hectares). This action has boosted the food production in different areas.

Since August, grain production of different areas in Guizhou has achieved great results. In Zheng’an County of Zunyi City, yield of sorghum reached 541.7 kg per mu (about 0.067 hectares), which hits Guizhou’s record high.

In the High-yield Sweet Potato Demonstration Base of Sinan County, Tongren City, the average yield of sweet potato has reached 4327.9 kg per mu, which sets a new record in Guizhou.

In Xingyi City of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, the yield of rice reached 1123.87 kg per mu, which breaks the record in Guizhou.

In Nayong County of Bijie City, the yield of corn reached 1059.1 kg per mu, which sets a new record in Guizhou.

In 2021, Guizhou launched a program to build high-standard farm field and plan to build 2.5 million mu (about 167.5 thousand hectares) extra farm fields.

According to this program, a high-quality grain and oil steering group consisted of 93 experts and 2,256 science and technology correspondents will go to field to teach farmers agricultural knowledge and planting skills.

Based on principles of “adjusting farmland to fit planting machine” and “adjusting planting machines to fit farmland”, 1.42 million sets of agricultural machines have been used to plant grains and increase food production from spring to autumn. Comprehensive mechanization of Guizhou’s major grain crops has increased from 41 percent to 43 percent.

In the future, Guizhou will make full use of ecology advantage and allocate production resources reasonably to achieve a coordinate development between grain production and economy development and build a solid foundation for rural revitalization and agricultural modernization.