SINGAPORE, Feb. 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — HokuApps, a global player in the next-generation enterprise mobility solutions, is pleased to announce that they are selected as the strategic technology partner by Pearlista Pte Ltd, a trusted and reputable hijab-friendly hair salon in Singapore that provides hair and scalp services and also produces its own line of Hair Care Products. In a pandemic disrupted world, the role of digitalization has shifted from being a choice to being a necessity for businesses to meet the increasing demands of their clients and to keep up with their competitors. With the compelling need to keep up with the ever-changing landscape amidst COVID-19, Pearlista will be leveraging the HokuApps-powered low code digital transformation platform for developing a centralized appointment booking system. This system will integrate with NETS Point-Of-Sale (POS) hardware and will include advanced functions like customer management with CRM, E-commerce with payment gateway integration, inventory management, and customized reporting capabilities.

Pearlista Pte Ltd is one of the pioneers in offering hijab-friendly hair salons in Singapore and is renowned amongst the Muslim hijabis community. Till today, they have managed four different outlets across Singapore in which they offer hair and scalp services exclusively for ladies. Not to mention that they have produced their own line of anti-hair fall shampoo, anti-dandruff shampoo, and other essential hair products which includes the moisture remedy series. With over three years of experience in the haircare industry, Pearlista has been recognized for its product quality and service excellence.

HokuApps will be working closely with Pearlista to build an integrated and centralized appointment booking system. The objective is to eliminate all the operational roadblocks induced by legacy systems and streamline all business operations through a single platform. This unified enterprise solution will consist of two fully-featured mobile applications, one for Pearlista’s customers and the other for their stylists. These apps will be supported by two backend web administrative consoles for their outlet receptionists and IT administrators. The enterprise mobility solution will comprise of functions such as employee attendance, customer relationship management, consultations and follow-ups with potential prospects, service appointment booking, integration of payment gateways and POS hardware, payment tracking and reconciliation, E-commerce ordering, inventory management, financial reports, chat notifications and payment reminders. The aim is to provide a one-stop solution for enhancing the customer experience and simplify operational tasks for internal employees via end-to-end process improvements. The system will reduce manual dependency for various day-to-day tasks by automatically updating databases and integrating all of Pearlista’s current disparate systems together into one unified platform for better business insights and ease of operations.

“We chose to collaborate with HokuApps because we wanted to move away from our existing legacy systems and streamline our day-to-day operations. Even though we were able to function as intended, the legacy systems were unable to fulfill a modern enterprise’s needs and adapt to the changing business demands,” said Mohamed Esman Supaat and Nura J., Business Owners at Pearlista. “We decided to put our trust in HokuApps’ rapid mobile application development platform which has a deep library of pre-built business modules, workflows, and technology components and also facilitates easy integration with our existing systems without affecting the core operations of our business.”

“We are looking forward to providing Pearlista with user-friendly applications that are fully integrated and eliminate manual data entry or consolidation by automating their business workflows like booking appointments, payment tracking & reconciliation, POS & payment gateway integrations, custom reports, and many more,” said Arif Gafar, Director of Sales at HokuApps. “We are hopeful that we can go live with the applications soon, enabling Pearlista to adapt more quickly to the changing business needs in this post-pandemic era.”

About HokuApps:

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