SEOUL, South Korea, Nov. 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — There are not that many people who know that some scenes of global sensation K-drama ‘Pachinko’ was filmed in Mokpo. The city of Mokpo will collaborate with Arirang TV to produce a tourism promotion entertainment program ‘Busqueen’ featuring global celebrities to promote the city and show the more colorful aspects of Mokpo to the audience overseas.

Mokpo Accelerating its Global Promotion Through Busking Entertainment with Arirang TV
Mokpo Accelerating its Global Promotion Through Busking Entertainment with Arirang TV

Season 2 will feature beauties from four different countries as they embark on a spontaneous and entertaining busking journey. The cast features Jyunki, returning from season 1 who is a famous singer in China (wanghong) from a K-POP background, singer Hyun-hee Shin who swept the music charts in Korea with ‘Sweetheart’, Nalu, a hallyu YouTuber with 1.37 million subscribers and Sara, a popular YouTuber from Japan.



Hyun-hee Shin

A singer with unique voice who was proven for her singing abilities in Sing Again Season 2. She also has a very cheerful personality and even reckless at times. Her song <Sweetheart> was at the top across all music charts in Korea for quite some time and she is widely recognized by the audience with joyful and exciting music featuring her acoustic guitar.


Her channel has 1.37 million subscribers and she is a mega YouTuber from Peru who produces contents related to hallyu in South America and life in Korea. She has a lot of interest in beauty and fashion of Korea and also produced various contents on lifestyle and culture in Korea. As a hallyu YouTuber, her channel has the highest number of South American subscribers among all YouTube channels in Korea.


An influencer who has years of experience as a member of a K-POP girl group and singer in Korea and she is now a ‘wanghong’ who can speak Korean fluently and knows the lifestyle and culture of Korea better than anyone else in the cast. She has 600,000 followers on Weibo and 100,000 subscribers across various social media platforms including YouTube and Instagram.


The youngest daughter and the key member of the Iga Family channel with 370,000 subscribers producing contents on hallyu in the Japanese language. She is also a beauty who works as a model. She travels between Korea and Japan to produce various contents in the Japanese language regarding lifestyle, culture, and beauty in Korea.

The city of Mokpo featured as the background for the program is one of the major port cities of Korea and a home to traces of modern history of Korea with the ruins related to the modern history of port opening in Korea. The city itself also features beautiful nature scenes with its rich seascape. Mokpo is known as a romantic port city where both modern history and contemporary history coexist and you can enjoy beautiful nature. It takes only 2.5 hours to reach the city from Seoul via KTX and the season 2 of Busqueen began filming at Mokpo Station.

The cast of the Busqueen begins their journey on the Mokpo Marine Cable Car, which is the longest distance cable car in Korea, as they enjoy the view of the mountains and sea of Mokpo. After the excitement of traveling across the mountains and the sea, the cast begins to walk the beaches of Mokpo as they leisurely enjoy the views of Mokpo. Then the cast travels to Dongbu Market in search of food and they play a game of ‘gestures’ to determine how much allowance they will be given to spend for dinner and the honesty and silliness of the four beauties over the course of the game are quite entertaining.

After the game is over, the cast of the Busqueen is buying food for dinner at  Dongbu Market and they haggle with the merchants at the market to buy the food they desire at a lower price due to what little allowance they end up winning from the game and you can see how the people of Mokpo are up close.

Next day, the cast of Busqueen enjoys the writings and paintings in Sihwa Alley and read out poems they have prepared on the spot. During the course of their healing journey, they come across the Music Play Festival in Mokpo and Singers Jyunki and Hyun-hee Shin beg the organizers to perform on the stage of Music Play Festival. The organizers grant permission for them to perform on stage and they bring joy to the audience at the festival through their busking performance on stage.

Busqueen has already been broadcast worldwide through Arirang TV World Channel and you can also replay previously aired episodes through the official YouTube channel of Arirang TV (

As a program combining busking, tourism and entertainment featuring global one-person media influencers and a K-POP singer in the beautiful marine city of Mokpo, a city with traces of modern history of Korea and renowned for music, this program is expected to contribute significantly to improving global recognition of Mokpo and increasing the number of outside tourists visiting Mokpo.