JAKARTA, Indonesia, Jan. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — GoPlay, a live streaming from Gojek presents GoPlay Creator’s Playdate, a festival for music creators that brings together fans and well-known content creators in Indonesia. Held in Jakarta on February 4th 2023 at Senayan Park (SPARK) Jakarta, GoPlay Creator’s Playdate is here as the first event for GoPlay creators to gather throughout Indonesia, as well as promoting quality creators who are proud of Indonesia.

Goplay Creator's Playdate
Goplay Creator’s Playdate

To come to this event, spectators can buy tickets, which start at Rp. 45,000 to Rp. 700,000 which can be purchased via https://www.loket.com/event/creators-playdate-goplay_D994Y. Spectators can also use the code ‘GOPLAYMAYBANK‘ with terms and conditions applied to get a 10% discount on tickets from Maybank.

GoPlay Creator’s Playdate is intended for content creators, communities, and entertainment activists, from Millennials and Gen Z who may just be planning to become content creators in the digital era. To encourage more Indonesian creators to get involved, GoPlay presents a series of pre-event events such as the GoPlay Creators Hunt and the GoPlay Awards to the main event which will be held for one full day on February 4th 2023.

Besides that, well-known artists also celebrate this event. One of them is Pradikta Wicaksono or what we usually know as Dikta. Dikta’s career journey in the music world began with a group called Dikta Project. Dikta then joined Yovie & Nuno to become a vocalist in 2007. After 15 years with Yovie & Nuno, Dikta finally decided to leave and become a soloist.

Apart from Dikta Wicaksono’s performances, there will also be an appearance from the idol group from Indonesia, JKT48. JK48 itself has 3 live shows on GoPlay that aired every week; Bucin, Mabar, and Gemesh. As of October 31st 2022, JKT48 has 47 members. Starting their career by releasing the album Heavy Rotation in 2013, now JKT48 has several albums and dozens of singles.

Not only Dikta Wicaksono and JKT48, Jessica Bunga or who is fondly called Jebung will also take part in the Creator’s Playdate stage later. At first, Jebung was only active in creating various entertainment content and singing on social media especially on Tik Tok, but now she is able to spread her wings into the music industry. Jebung is known for its unusual musical style which has also managed to attract the attention of the general public. Several Indonesian artists and creators will also enliven the Creator’s Playdate, including Satine Zaneta, SUN, Hiroaki Kato, Orutaku Club ft DJ Yochi and Ghaida Farisya to GoPlay Music Creators All Star consisting of Josh Sitompul, Risye Andriany, and Raymond Matt.

Apart from appearances by local artists and creators, GoPlay also provides various booths that bring the features of the GoPlay application to an offline format. Starting from the Live Stream Box which provides a live stream on GoPlay so that visitors can experience live streams on GoPlay to the Gaming Zone which represents GoPlay Games. In order to make travel easier to Senayan Park, people can use transportation services from Gojek such as GoCar and GoRide in the Gojek application.

This event comes as a form of GoPlay’s commitment, in order to realize its vision of providing a stage for Indonesian creators and helping to facilitate creators in expressing themselves and earning more from their work.

Further information about GoPlay Creator’s Playdate and other exciting events can be seen on the website creatorsplaydate.goplay.co.id and Instagram account @creatorsplaydate.

About GoPlay

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Utilization of technology in GoPlay which is equipped with various interactive features such as Private/Group Chat, Shout Out/Question & Answer, Virtual gifts, Trivia, Polling, Live shopping, and Live Game, allows users to enjoy various live stream entertainment together with friends and family by safe. In line with Gojek’s mission to provide social impact for related stakeholders, GoPlay is committed to supporting the sustainability of content creators in Indonesia by providing access and a place to work that ensures sustainable income channels. So, content creators can continue to introduce their works to a wider market.

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