Join the Pet Care Revolution: VacLife will Launch Latest Pet Vacuum Cleaner on Kickstarter

FUZHOU, China, April 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The quality of life for pets is continually being improved thanks to technological innovation. And in 2023, pet grooming kit ranks among the most popular pet accessories. VacLife, as a leading provider of high-quality household vacuum appliances, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its latest product: the VacLife VL776 Pet Grooming Kit. To bring this exciting product to market, VacLife is launching a crowdfunding campaign at the end of April 2023 on Kickstarter. This campaign will explain how the VacLife VL776 Pet Grooming Kit functions, the numerous use cases, and how to participate in the project to aid in getting the device to market.

VacLife Home Grooming Solution, The Ultimate All-In-One Pet Grooming Kit
VacLife Home Grooming Solution, The Ultimate All-In-One Pet Grooming Kit

Designed with convenience and quality in mind, the VacLife pet grooming kit is set to transform the pet grooming experience. With the VacLife Pet Grooming Kit, pet owners can now take care of their pets’ hygiene at home without having to visit expensive pet salons. “We understand how challenging it can be for pet owners to maintain a clean and healthy living environment while keeping their furry friends looking and feeling their best,” said a VacLife spokesperson. “That’s why we developed the Pet Grooming Kit Vacuum – a must-have tool for any pet owner who wants to simplify their grooming routine and maintain a clean home.” Pet owners across the United States can now enjoy a more convenient and easy life with the new pet grooming kit by VacLife.

After recognizing that regular tools often lack the necessary power and attachments to effectively remove pet hair from various surfaces, and can even cause allergies by stirring up dust and pet dander, the VacLife team spent over a year testing techniques, designs, and materials to develop a pet home grooming solution. The result is the highly anticipated VacLife VL776 Pet Grooming Kit, featuring exceptional performance in noise reduction, vacuum efficiency, and versatility.

With exceptional noise reduction performance of only 55dB, the VL776 Pet Grooming Kit stands out from regular vacuum cleaners that can produce noise levels of 70-90 dB, which have been shown to increase pet stress levels.

The VL776 Pet Grooming Kit’s dual-air inlet design and two HEPA filters make pet grooming mess-free. With its 2.2L dust cup, pet owners can enjoy a hassle-free and cleaner grooming experience. It even handles static-charged pet hair, offering a better user experience. VacLife is committed to making grooming healthier and more enjoyable for pets.

VacLife has put a lot of thought and effort into designing the VL776 Pet Grooming Kit to meet the highest standards of excellence and efficiency. They have carefully chosen brush heads suitable for different types of pet hair and consulted with veterinarians and professional groomers to determine what accessories to include. The grooming comb and de-shedding tool gently remove loose hair, while the electric trimmer and massage comb provide the best grooming experience. The 2-in-1 flat brush can convert into a crevice tool or dusting brush, and the hair removal roller easily removes pet hair from clothing and furniture. The result is a comprehensive and effective set of tools that allow pet owners to groom their pets at home and deepen their bond with their pets.

During the development process, the VacLife team has worked closely with both pet owners and industry experts to gather valuable feedback and insights. This collaboration allowed the team to refine and improve their product based on the specific needs of their target audience. Once a concept has been developed, the team creates prototypes and conducts rigorous testing to ensure that the product meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and performance. This involved the use of advanced testing equipment and techniques to assess critical factors such as noise level, suction power, and dust collection efficiency. By prioritizing quality control throughout the development process, the VacLife team can confidently deliver a product that exceeds expectations and satisfies the needs of its customers. 

To support the launch of their Pet Grooming Kit Vacuum, VacLife has initiated a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of validating the practicality and usefulness of the invention and bringing it to market to benefit more pet owners. Supporters who back the campaign will have the chance to purchase the product at a reduced price and receive exclusive rewards and perks.

“We’re excited to bring the Pet Grooming Kit Vacuum to pet owners everywhere and are grateful for the support of our backers on Kickstarter,” said the spokesperson. “Together, we can revolutionize the way pet owners care for their furry friends and keep their homes clean.”

For more information about VacLife and its latest product, visit the vaclife website at To support the Kickstarter campaign and get your hands on the Pet Grooming Kit, keep an eye on VacLife.

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