TIANJIN, China, Aug. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As low-carbon traveling sweeps through the world, electronic scooters are welcomed in more and more countries. AIMA Technology, a leading Chinese brand for electric scooters and bicycles, has been harnessing technology and spearheading the development of the industry with a fashionable attitude. It has turned more and more global customers into fans of low-carbon traveling. Recently, Duan Hua, vice president of AIMA Technology Group, introduced AIMA’s new fashion product on the fashion magazine “ELLE”, and accepted an exclusive interview to convey AIMA’s fashion travel concept, which aroused more attention.

Founded in 1999, AIMA is an established manufacturer of electric bicycles and scooters. Since its inception, it has been dedicated to designing electric bicycles and scooters like designing fashion products. AIMA believes that the most fashionable expression can satisfy people’s aspiration for better cycling experience. AIMA’s products have claimed multiple international prestigious awards in the design field. Its A 700 model electric scooter won the 2023 French Grand Prix du Design Paris Award. And Aima Q model carried off a U.S. MUSE award. 

AIMA also made remarkable achievements in the field of technology. In 2023, it launched the “Engine 5” technology system. Upgrading the technology for motors, batteries, and electronic control and resistance reduction systems, the technology system enables real endurance mileage of 100 km. In partnership with China National Institute of Standardization, AIMA released the first testing method in the industry for endurance mileage based on users’ real driving conditions. At the seventh World Intelligence Congress, AIMA’s electric bicycles and scooters draw widespread attention. Its products were made designated vehicles for attendees to the World Economic Forum. 

Committed to enabling free riding in a fashion attitude, AIMA has been harnessing avant-garde design and cutting-edge technology to deliver the charm of traveling on two-wheel intelligent vehicles to more people across the world.