TAIPEI, Aug. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On the evening of August 19th, with bursts of singing, cheering and blessing, the offline eighth anniversary celebration party held by 17sing was announced to have come to a successful end, which also marks that 17sing has formally entered a brand new journey.

The anniversary celebration was officially launched on 7/11 and lasted for more than a month. Through many exciting online activities, the annual offline gala on 8/19 set off the climax of the carnival and brought the anniversary celebration to a successful conclusion. During the anniversary celebration, the official launched dozens of exciting online activities to reward users, including “Anniversary Live Party“, “Band Star Voice Generation”, “Kara Star Wonderful Night”and so on, and the users sent the most sincere blessings to 17sing through singing, live streaming and other different ways. In these activities, the top three users will be awarded the honor of “Cosmic Witness” and invited to the anniversary celebration party to celebrate with 17sing officials and celebrity singer Van Fan.

The 8th anniversary gala ceremony has got so much attention from music fans. In the live streaming of 17sing’s official karaoke room, more than 8,000 fans watched it together. During the grand ceremony, the singers from 17sing came on stage one by one, sending blessings to 17sing with melodious songs. There were also game sessions such as “Golden Melody Relay”, “Support Materials”, and lottery draws. Fans participated enthusiastically, with constant laughter, and the scene was full of joy, pushing the atmosphere to a higher level. In the second half of the event, star singer Van Fan made his finale appearance and sang his classic hit singles “l believe” and “South of the Border”. His brilliant performance caused the whole audience to sing in chorus.Van Fan shared his own list of songs to test singing skills: “I have a song that is very difficult to sing, it has a wide and high range, so if you want to practice, you can try the song “Missing You”. The singer in 17sing was also invited to perform on stage and surprised Van Fan by singing in the original key!

At the end of the event, 17sing also prepared a Karasoul-shaped sugar cake. Music superstar Van Fan, 17sing’s Marketing Director David, and the singers in 17sing cut the cake together for the launching ceremony, symbolizing that 17sing is going to set off its journey again.In the future 17sing will continue to launch more interactive product features to bring Taiwan users a wonderful music social experience.

For 17sing, this anniversary event is an important opportunity to demonstrate its own strength and influence. By holding such a grand event, 17sing demonstrated to users its professionalism and innovation ability in the field of karaoke, which further enhanced 17sing’s brand awareness and reputation, and laid a solid foundation for its future development. More people get the message from the brand concept of 17sing “user first”, “creating dreams for new voice generations, and creating a music social platform”. 17sing has held anniversary activities since 2018 to get in touch with users. Since then, the anniversary has become a bridge to connect users’ emotions. Every year, the anniversary will come as scheduled, giving back to users, and carnival together, which has almost become a “habit” to accompany users. Both 17sing and users are looking forward to it, hoping that the anniversary will be better, and 17sing will always be with us.

Looking back at the past eight years, 17sing was born in 2015. In 2016, the number of user registrations exceeded 500,000. In 2017, it ranked first in the annual ranking of app downloads three times. From 2018 to 2022, 17sing launched “AI scoring”, “real-time chorus” and other functions, and in 2021, title sponsorship of the popular variety show “Jungle Voice”.In 2023, 17sing’s user registration volume exceeded 30 million, and it has become the most influential Karaoke social software in Taiwan.17sing started from the social field of Karaoke, relying on high-quality products and services, step by step, accumulating a highly active user base, successfully building an excellent brand image, and becoming one of the top Karaoke platforms.

17sing has been accompanying users for eight full years, and has become not only a virtual online Karaoke platform, but also a spiritual harbor that connects users’ emotions and provides them with a spiritual home. 17sing is the listener and connector of users’ feelings, accompanying them day after day like friends and family. 17sing promises to continue to devote itself to music and technological innovation, to build brand trust with humanism, to focus on user perception, to continuously improve product experience, and to promote the brand’s continuous and rapid growth. 17sing sincerely look forward to every user becoming a fellow traveler on the road of growth, witnessing a community platform that integrates music, technology and humanity, and is full of sunshine and positive energy, becoming the best music sharing community of this era!

17sing is very grateful for the company of our users all the way.

In 2023, 17sing will stay true to intention and set sail again.In this new milestone, let’s hold each other’s hands to create a music social miracle!