Convenient and comfortable at an affordable price, covering 3 routes throughout Bangkok.

BANGKOK, Aug. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — 4 major partners in Thailand’s tourism and transportation industry have come together to launch the “Bua Airport Express” a bus service connecting Suvarnabhumi Airport to over 500 hotels in Bangkok. This service aims to provide convenient and cost-effective travel options for just 180 baht per trip, covering 3 routes across the city: Sathorn-Mahanakorn Tower-MBK Center, Yaowarat-China Town-Saochingcha, and Asoke-Sukhumvit-EmQuartier-Thonglor, including various tourist attractions and shopping malls. This service caters to the preferences of modern travelers who value self-guided journeys.

4 Big Alliances joining forces to launch the "Bua Airport Express" Airport shuttle bus round-trip to Suvarnabhumi.
4 Big Alliances joining forces to launch the “Bua Airport Express” Airport shuttle bus round-trip to Suvarnabhumi.

The “Bua Airport Express” is now operational through the collaboration of 4 major players in Thailand’s tourism and transportation sectors: Bualuang Travel and Service Co., Ltd., Chao Phraya Tourist Boat Co., Ltd., Elephant GoGo Co., Ltd., and First Transport Co., Ltd. They jointly offer seamless and comfortable travel experiences at a reasonable price of 180 baht, allowing passengers to carry up to 2 pieces of luggage onboard the buses with capacities of 31 and 44 seats. The service operates multiple rounds throughout the day, serving passengers between Suvarnabhumi Airport and more than 500 hotels around Bangkok, covering 3 routes: Sathorn-Mahanakorn Tower-MBK Center, Yaowarat-China Town-Saochingcha, and Asoke-Sukhumvit-EmQuartier-Thonglor, as well as various tourist destinations and shopping malls.

Mr. Thanet Vajiraprakarnsakul, Managing Director of Bualuang Travel and Service Co., Ltd., stated, “Bua Airport Express aims to address and fulfill the travel needs of modern travelers, especially those who prefer using public transportation for their journeys. From welcoming tourists at the airport since its launch, we have found that the primary service they desire is transportation, both private and public. However, the quality of public transportation in Thailand falls short, which is why we aimed to contribute to improving the transportation system from the country’s airports.”

Mr. Thanayut Thongjindawong, Managing Director of First Transport Co., Ltd.a major non-scheduled passenger transportation service provider in Thailand, said, “Thailand’s tourism industry has significant growth potential, particularly among independent travelers or FITs. However, Thailand’s transportation system has yet to meet the demands of these travelers. Traveling from the airport to their accommodation is essential, especially considering that tourists often travel with baggage. Thus, there is an opportunity to collaborate with partners to enhance the country’s capacity in providing convenient and safe transportation for tourists at a reasonable price.”

Mr. Krit Vitayasamrit, Managing Director of Elephant Go Go, added, “Within the year 2023, Bua Airport Express aims to expand its services to cover both major airports, extend routes to cover 3 to 5-star hotels throughout Bangkok, and within the next 3 years, expand its services to all major cities in Thailand. This expansion seeks to elevate the transportation infrastructure for tourists from the airports to their hotels. Moreover, the service seeks to establish a connection between the choice of hotels and the convenience of the Airport Express route as a fundamental factor. It will continue to uphold its strengths of affordability, convenience, and comprehensive coverage without requiring passengers to transfer to other vehicles. These aspects will differentiate the service and create a memorable experience with Bua Airport Express, setting new standards for Airport Express services in Thailand.”

Mr. Piriya Vachjitpan, Managing Director of Chao Phraya Tourist Boat Co., Ltd., emphasized “that the first impression is crucial for travelers, and their convenience from the moment they arrive at the airport is significant. Airport Express is an essential aspect of the traveler’s experience, and the Bua Airport Express was developed to truly address the pain points travelers face, including standard fare pricing, overcoming limitations of carrying a lot of luggage, and having convenient stops. He believes that Bua Airport Express will play a vital role in fulfilling the needs of both Thai and international travelers and creating a lasting first impression when arriving in Thailand.”

For those interested in using the “Bua Airport Express” service, the comfortable and affordable air-conditioned bus service operates at the counters located on the 1st floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport, near Exit Gates 7 and 8, from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily. More information about routes and schedules can be found on the website or by calling +6669-771-1234.