Chinese Liquor Culture Gains Global Traction

TOKYO, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On September 7, The Sichuan Baijiu Global Event 2023 and Sichuan Cuisine Week, led by China’s premier baijiu brand Wuliangye, and joined by five other acclaimed Sichuan baijiu brands, debuted in Tokyo.

The week-long event aims to offer a unique gourmet experience through Sichuan baijiu and a selection of Sichuan dishes, enlighten Japanese consumers about Chinese baijiu culture, and share China’s voice through the appeal of Sichuan Baijiu.

Showcasing Sichuan Baijiu and Cuisine: From Regional Delights to Global Highlights

Sichuan food, known locally as shisenryōri, is very popular and well-known in Japan. The event was held at Wuliangye Dining Tokyo in Roppongi, a landmark building in the Japanese city.

Wuliangye Dining Tokyo played a significant role in showcasing and promoting the cultural and gastronomic aspects of Sichuan, particularly its liquor and cuisine, to an international audience.

At the event site, Sichuan cuisine and Sichuan liquor shared the space with the most iconic elements from the province – pandas and jade green bamboo – working together to immerse attendees in the rich cultural ambiance of the region. The province’s six major baijiu producers – Wuliangye, Luzhou Laojiao, Jiannanchun, Langjiu, Shede, and Shuijingfang (collectively known as the ‘six golden flowers’ of Sichuan liquor) – each presented a dish that was both an authentic representation of Sichuan cuisine while also embodying the unique flavors and history of the respective brand.

The restaurant manager said, “Sichuan is the agricultural powerhouse of western China, and its unique natural environment is ideal for brewing high-quality baijiu. The liquor and the cuisine that make Sichuan so distinctive evoke a sense of nostalgia and connection to Chinese culture and homeland for both international admirers and family members who are away from China.”

A local Japanese diner commented, “I find Sichuan baijiu somewhat reminiscent of our sake, though it has a higher alcohol content. It is pleasantly strong with a distinct aroma that carries a hint of Chinese essence. I’d love to visit Sichuan to see the pandas and explore places like Sanxingdui and Jiuzhaigou.”  

Six Top Sichuan Baijiu Brands Begin Their Global Odyssey

Simultaneously, an array of Sichuan-style dishes garnered significant attention, presenting a novel culinary experience to diners with bustling lives yet a desire for the province’s distinctive tastes. The event also highlighted Sichuan alpine wines, renowned for their “high quality, superior ecology, boutique production and diversity,” crafted in the unique low-latitude, high-altitude terrain of Sichuan’s mountains and valleys.

In recent years, Sichuan has bolstered international collaboration to elevate its wine brand profile and nurture its agro-industries. Additionally, the province has pioneered a novel development model that seamlessly integrates agriculture, culture and tourism.

The Sichuan Baijiu Global Event 2023 represents the inaugural joint venture of the six Sichuan baijiu brands abroad, showcasing the allure of Sichuan Baijiu to the global market.

Sichuan has long stood as China’s principal liquor production region. Benefiting from its unparalleled geographical and ecological setting, coupled with a rich industrial heritage, Sichuan baijiu has emerged as the most emblematic Chinese baijiu in terms of product classification, cultural significance, and production locale.

The event’s success paves the way for Sichuan baijiu to bolster its brand presence on the global stage.

The international success of Sichuan baijiu will stand as a blueprint for Chinese liquor producers looking to venture beyond their home turf in the future.