The smallest RGB laser projector worldwide unleashes boundless creativity and delivers stunning visuals

TAIPEI, Sept. 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Optoma, a globally renowned projector brand, announces the launch of its groundbreaking OMA-S RGB 3-laser projector. It has not only set a new record as the world’s smallest laser projector but also breaks through the limitations of traditional projectors. The projector has been recognized with three international awards, including the prestigious iF.

OMA-S World's smallest RGB laser projector
OMA-S World’s smallest RGB laser projector

The OMA-S is the first portable projector incorporating the BT2020 color gamut and top-quality RGB 3-laser light source technology. With support for 1080p high resolution and 1,500 HK lumens of brightness, the OMA-S provides a high-end cinema-level color effect compared to projectors of similar size. Its short-throw lens requires a mere 1.73 meters to project a 100-inch large screen. It also offers real-time auto focus and auto keystone correction, making it highly suitable for travel and providing immersive viewing experiences in compact spaces.

Furthermore, the OMA-S exclusively features Optoma’s AI-driven technology, AI Picture Quality (AI-PQ). The built-in AI processor can instantly identify faces and scenes and intelligently adjust image parameters to optimize the picture. The OMA-S also features an Auto-low Latency Mode (ALLM) and Pure Motion automatic frame interpolation technology, enhancing the smooth movie-viewing experience and reducing gaming latency with a more responsive display.

OMA-S Receives Multiple International Design Awards

The OMA-S was honored with three leading international design awards in 2023: the German iF Product Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award, and the Green Good Design Award. Weighing only 1 kilogram, the projector is designed in a way that cleverly hides assembly screws with seamless edge curves for a classy appeal. The outer shell employs scratch-resistant, dirt-resistant nano-imprint technology, offering a warm, delicate touch reminiscent of European-style furniture. The height adjustment stand strikes a balance between style and quality by using a non-stage bearing covered with soft material, tested to withstand over 20,000 cycles of operation. With an emphasis on environmental sustainability, up to 50% of the projector’s body uses Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials, while up to 99% of the packaging is recyclable. It’s the smallest, most eco-friendly and energy-efficient projector on the market.

Starting today, the OMA-S will be displayed as an award-winning product at the “iF Design Award Winners Exhibit 2023 (III).” In addition to seeing the actual OMA-S model, Optoma has collaborated with professional fashion photographer Kuo Yao Chung to create unique photography works themed “Healing of Mountains and Seas.” Utilizing the OMA-S, Mr. Kuo projected a trio of elements—forests, leaves, and fire—onto dynamic human figures along with the projector’s light and color effects, yielding unparalleled photographic works and providing viewers with a visual arts extravaganza.

Photographer Kuo Yao Chung even took the OMA-S to the beach, skillfully pairing real campfires with flames projected by the OMA-S to integrate Taiwan’s stunning landscapes and nature into his portrait photography. The superior performance of the OMA-S opens up more possibilities for photography. Besides being lightweight and portable, the projector also has impressive improvements in brightness and color rendition. The OMA-S supports auto-focus and keystone correction in real time and can project large images even at short distances, eliminating the inconvenience of manual adjustments and proving itself to be an ideal tool for photographers. The exhibition runs from September 26 to October 21. Everyone is welcome to visit Songshan Cultural and Creative Park for the live exhibition*.

The Optoma OMA-S portable projector offers exceptional experiences, whether for home entertainment, outdoor travel, or artistic creation. Moreover, Optoma is committed to environmental protection and conservation, contributing to a brighter and better world.

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*Exhibition Location of Optoma OMA-S: iF Design Salon Taipei (2nd Floor A7 W207, West Tobacco Factory, No. 133, Guangfu South Road, Taipei City, Songshan Cultural and Creative Park)

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