Illuminating China Fujian Tulou on Supermoon Night

ZHANGZHOU, China, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From July to September, the single malt scotch whisky market leader from Diageo Group, The Singleton, has been unveiled a chapter of “Reunite with True Richness” in China, igniting a full-spectrum of Mid-Autumn experiences. On 30th – 31st August, under the year’s grandest supermoon, The Singleton hosted a grand banquet at the Fujian Hundred-Year Tulou, symbolizing core southeast culture. On that evening, a massive drone light show and fireworks illuminated the circular sky, allowing people to enjoy richness in a harmonious atmosphere. In terms of its cultural significance, the remarkable event seamlessly integrated the Chinese reunion culture with the Scotch whisky experience, exemplified its mission of cultural localization and brought true richness to China’s Mid-Autumn Festival celebrations. This once in a lifetime cultural feast in the heart of southeast China attracted whisky and Cognac enthusiasts from all over China and generated significant buzz on social media.

The report from IWSR indicates that in China, in 2022, despite the decline in all major imported spirits categories except for whisky, the continuous strong growth of the whisky category has proven itself to be one of the popular consumer choices after a period of significant disruption. Specifically, within the single malt scotch whisky category, The Singleton is the top-selling brand. As a globally renowned brand founded almost 200 years ago, The Singleton keeps regarding the Chinese market as one of the most crucial battlegrounds for long-term development and has been deeply understand the significance of establishing emotional connections with local consumers. According to IWSR analyses, changes are witnessed in consumer price sensitivity and sentiment amongst Chinese alcohol consumers. Furthermore, The Boston Consulting Group’s “China Resident Consumer Trends Report in 2021” highlighted that 59% of consumers consider their connection to Chinese culture to be crucial. Festival reunion culture has provided international brands with an entry point into the Chinese market.

From family reunions to moon-watching custom, the Mid-Autumn Festival holds a significant place in Chinese culture. This Mid-Autumn Festival, The Singleton draws inspiration from the local culture of Fujian and initiates a sensory journey back home guided by the essence of “Reunite with True Richness”. Through this event, The Singleton invites and inspires everyone to re-discover the reunion traditions from a new lens, and savor the richness of the connections, traditions, and shared moments.

Founded in 1838, born to embody the singular ambition in the pursuit of extraordinary taste, The Singleton has upheld its unique whisky making philosophy and pioneering craft, known for its outstanding taste, depth, and harmony. When the richness in celebrating the unparalleled Singleton liquid converges with the richness in experiencing iconic Chinese heritage, the significance of reunion is heightened even further.

The event rekindles the essence of reunion while revitalizing local culture. By integrating whisky experiences with the over-hundred-years Tulou architecture and local traditions, The Singleton demonstrates a deep respect for local cultural heritage while amplifying the richness of the experience. Inspired by the local Hakka bazaar, the event resurrected customs which rekindle people’s nostalgic memories of reunions. As night descended, The Singleton employs modern technology to inscribe Mid-Autumn wishes in the sky above the circular Hakka Tulou. After several days of precise calculations by technicians, 400 drone lights were orchestrated to meet the supermoon in perfect harmony. This aerial artistry creates a visually stunning experience for the audience.

In the future, The Singleton will persist in incorporating this pioneering sensory experience into future activities in China, delivering more enriching experiences to consumers through the rich essence behind Singleton Single Malt Whisky.